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7 Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica



Conspiracy theories have gripped people around the world since the dawn of time. Did the moon landing really happen? Was 9/11 an inside job? Is Elvis still alive?


While most of these conspiracy theories are usually quite wide-spread thanks to the internet, there’s a few exceptions to that rule. For example, did you know there were conspiracy theories about Antarctica? If you didn’t: here’s a small list of the most common ones.



Atlantis Is Underneath Antarctica
We’ll start with a pretty good one to let you know what we’ll be dealing with here. There’s a group of people claiming that the long lost island of Atlantis can be found underneath Antarctica. The evidence can be summed up with “there was no ice there 12000 years ago” and “we haven’t found Atlantis anywhere else”.


It Doesn’t Exist
The theory here is that if the Earth is flat, it doesn’t have poles – North or South. So if you’re a flat-earther, which sadly still exist, you’ll also naturally believe that the north and south poles are nothing but propaganda.



A UFO Crash Landed There
Because where hasn’t an alien space ship crash landed, really? People found what looked like a trail on Google Earth, so obviously an alien crash was the only logical explanation for that situation.


Nazis Have A Base There
I mean, Nazi Germany pretty much had bases everywhere, right? Why not in the most uninhabitable place on Earth? Do they have evidence to support this theory? Well, not really. It’s just a theory, and a very flimsy one at that.



Google Is Hiding Information On Antarctica
If you turn on the weather function on a specific location on Antarctica, you get a red cross. Surely this can only mean that someone wants us to see something that regular eyes aren’t allowed to see!


The Nazis Hid UFOs There
You know what’s better than a conspiracy theory? A conspiracy theory smoothie! Take some Nazi base rumors, take a crashed UFO, mix ‘em together and post it on the internet. Boom, your conspiracy theory is born.



Ancient Civilizations Built Pyramids There
Back in 2016 some images of pyramid-like snow mountains were released on the internet, which instantly woke up that part of the internet community we don’t like to be reminded of. They assumed that this was definite proof that ancient civilizations built pyramids on Antarctica millions of years ago.