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7 Blood-Chilling Demons That Will Keep You Awake at Night



Religion is not my forte, but even I sometimes wonder if those freaky deities and demons actually existed at some point, or if they were just figments of our ancestors’ sick imagination and deep-seated insecurities. Nah, let’s just blame gods and demons for everything bad happening to us!


Here are 7 blood-chilling demonic entities that will keep you awake at night.



1. Asag
Asag is an underworld demon of plague. The monster dwells in the human body causing the disease, and severe and even unbearable headaches. Asag ends up paralyzing the person he had infected. Or so I’ve heard.


2. Incubus and Succubus
Both incubus and succubus are demons feeding on our naughty thoughts and dreams. Incubus does women, while succubus prefers men. Also, succubi can transform into the object of your passion and can suck out your life energy.



3. Legion
One of the most well-known Christian demons is definitely Legion. “I am Legion, for we are many” – that’s his catchphrase, after which he’ll (they?) kill you and eat your steaming guts… probably. Legion was exorcized by Jesus himself, according to the Bible.


4. Rangda
Kidnapping children is a very common descriptor for the demon-kind, and Rangda is not an exception. She’s a revenge-seeking widow, often described as an ugly old hag, who likes to snack on kids.



5. Rakshasa
Who’s up for some shapeshifters? These Hindu demons are huge beasts with sharp fangs and long claws, but the most fascinating thing about them is that they really love cow milk. But don’t think it won’t destroy you, because it will!


6. Azi Dahaka
Have you heard of Zoroastrianism? Me neither, but apparently it’s a religion where Azi Dahaka comes from. This three-headed lizard-slash-snake demon lives for snatching cattle and messing with humans. You may not die when you face it, but a new pair of pants will definitely be required.



7. Dzoavits
In the legends of Shoshone Native Americans, passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, Dzoavits is depicted as a huge humanoid demon that also prefers having children for dinner, supper, and dessert. Oh, what a complex web of lies we weave to make your children stay at home…