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7 Bizarre Discoveries Found Deep Underwater


As much as we all love water (in moderate amounts), it’s one of the most dangerous things in the world. Think about all the giant tsunami waves that can destroy entire cities, and storms able to crush even the biggest battleships! Not to mention the unseen terrors dwelling deep under the surface of the ocean.


Since 79% of our planet is covered with water, you can imagine there’s a lot of mysteries hidden there. Aside from the lovecraftian monsters, the Blue Abyss is a resting place for countless treasures and artifacts, ancient cities, and maybe even real-life alien technology!


Here are 7 most bizarre discoveries found deep underwater.



1. Blackbeard’s Cannons
As pirates go, Blackbeard is one of the famous ones, so of course everything related to him and his ship would be big news. In 1718, Blackbeard crashed “Queen Anne’s Revenge” on his way to North Carolina. Revenge was a modified slaving vessel, so it wasn’t your run-off-the-mill ship. Over 200 years later in 1996 this beauty was finally restored along with thousands of unusual artifacts like medical instruments, weapons, and 30 cannons of various sizes. The biggest one weighs around 3000 pounds and used 6-pound cannonballs. Today the ship is open for the public to view at North Carolina’s Maritime Museum.



2. An Alien Spaceship or Just a Rock?
Not so long ago, in 2011, a group of Swedish treasure hunters noticed something fairly bizarre under the Baltic Sea. Something that looked remarkably like a flying saucer! A gray, 70 meter long thing was named the “Baltic Sea Anomaly”. It is unknown to this day if this is just a strange rock formation, some lost artifact from the WW2, or in fact an alien spaceship.

3. Locomotive Graveyard
One fine day, sometime in the 1850’s, a shipment of brand new, yet already outdated locomotives (Planet Class 2-2-2 T – for the nerds out there) was sailing near the coast of New Jersey. And either the ship hit rough waters or the crew had clear orders about dispatching the cargo, whichever way you cut it, dozens of locomotives ended up on the bottom of the ocean. This fascinating graveyard was discovered 35 years later and now some museums are talking of raising them out of the water to add to their collection.

4. Ancient City Of Alexandria
After resting peacefully on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea for sixteen centuries, the city of Alexandria was finally discovered in 1998. Most of it is still in great shape, even after all these years, but the main attraction is definitely the Royal Palace of Cleopatra with marble floors, sick columns, and all sorts of decorations you’d expect from a royal palace, including a cute statue of sphinx.

5. Undersea River
I hear your scoffing and see your eye rolls. “How can there be a river under the sea?” Easy, my uneducated friend, it’s all about the density. There is an extremely salty river underneath the Black Sea. It’s over 100 feet deep, over half a mile wide, and even has waterfalls and rapids, like a normal river would. I’ve played Subnautica and I still think it’s a crazy cool phenomenon! Also, if this was a regular river it’d be #6 biggest river on the planet.

6. Possibly The Oldest Ancient City
It must be so rewarding to uncover what could possibly be the oldest city ever. That’s exactly what happened in 2001, in the Gulf of Khambhat, off the coast of India. The artifacts and human remains found at the site date this discovery to be at least 9,500 years old, which is when the Ice Age ended (give or take a few hundred years).

7. Stonehenge In Lake Michigan
During a routine sonar scan of the Lake Michigan in 2007, an archaeology professor and his friend discovered something fantastic 40 feet below the surface – a bunch of stone pillars, that looked a lot like their Stonehenge cousins. One of the stones even has a carving of a mastodon on its side. This fact alone suggests that the pillars are at least 10,000 years old! In any case nobody know exactly who, when or why this Stonehenge lookalike was created, but I want to believe it were the aliens!