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6 Signs Your Friends Are Jealous Of You


Having a great friend group is one of the best things you can have in this life. Experiences can become that much more enjoyable if you have a circle that supports you and shares in your successes. But everyone is not so lucky to have a genuine group of friends to lean on. Some may not have any friends at all. Others have to endure what may even be a worse fate than having no friends: having friends that don’t actually support them at all. It can sometimes be hard to tell if you have so called “fake” friends, but it is a sad reality for many people. These kinds of friends do not show support because, in many cases, they are secretly jealous of anyone who is better off than them. What is interesting about jealous friends is that many of them continue friendships with the people they are envious of. Experts have discovered that this may be the cause because, more often than not, people are ashamed to admit to others, or even themselves, that they are jealous. This leaves you having to figure out for yourself where your friends’ loyalties lie. Do you know if your friends really have your back? Check out these 6 signs that your friends are jealous of you. 

They are always competing with you.

Healthy competition amongst friends can be a good thing, driving each person to have high standards and achieve together. But an obsession with always one upping you can cross the line into jealousy, which is always toxic. 

They think life in general is unfair.

People who have a “woe is me” attitude towards life are likely to take less accountability for themselves and what they are doing to achieve their own dreams. They think that life is unfair, and that circumstances are conspiring against them at every turn. With an attitude like that, they are likely to view your achievements as unfair and undeserving as well. 

They rain on your parade at all costs. 

Whether it’s finding a way to damper your mood with their sob story, or being generally negative, some people can never just let you have your moment to shine. Of course, if a friend is going through something, it is great to be a listening ear. But if their woes and drama always conveniently happen during your reveal of joyous news, they likely just can’t stand to see you win. 

They explain away your merit. 

Some friends can be so jealous that they will actually demean you in the process of trying to tear down your accomplishments. These types of jealous friends might try to explain away your success by referencing how you might have gotten help along the way, or that you only got to where you are because of your contacts. But utilizing your resources and having a good network is not a demerit, and this kind of feedback is a tell tale sign of jealousy. 

They ignore your success on social media.

Ever notice that your friend never seems to comment on your social posts about your success, but is ever present for other people online? This is a huge red flag for jealousy, as they are deliberately going out of their way to ignore your success. 

They are hyper critical of everything you do. 

Hyper critical friends will justify their negativity by saying they are just trying to look out for you. They will be super critical and judgmental of all your decisions, even when those choices lead you to success. But the weird thing is this: your intuition and decision making skills are what earned you the achievements you have, and successfully steered you to the triumphant moments in life you are currently enjoying. So why would they want you to turn away from such clear discernment? Because maybe they never wanted you to achieve your goals in the first place.