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6 Most Fascinating Unsolved Mysteries Of Ancient India


India is a land filled with wonders and mysteries most of which have remained unsolved for thousands of years. Generations of scientists both in and outside of India have been trying to solve some of its biggest puzzles, and yet, the answers still evade them. From the enigmatic iron pillar of Delhi to the bizarre disappearance of the whole Indus Valley Civilization, we present you 6 most fascinating unsolved mysteries of Ancient India.



Alien paintings of Charama
Charama, a village in Chhattisgarh, is home to 10,000-year-old cave paintings depicting alien-like creatures and disk objects that look like UFOs. Local people have legends about the mysterious “rohela people” – small folk that came from the sky and took people away from the village.

The Iron Pillar of Delhi
The mysterious rust-resistant Kirti Stambha, also known as the Iron Pillar of Delhi, was erected a millennium before humanity acquired such technology, making the pillar one of the biggest unexplained mysteries of India. It’s been standing uncorrupted since the 5th century!

Son Bhandar cave
Located in Bihar, the enigmatic Son Bhandar cave is erected inside a whole rock and is believed to house the ancient treasure of the Magadhan king Bimbisara. When the king was imprisoned by his son he ordered his wife to hide all his treasures in this cave. The walls of Son Bhandar are covered with scriptures that remain undeciphered until today, supposedly revealing the way to obtain the treasure.

Vanishing of the Indus Valley Civilization
How could a whole civilization go missing without leaving any trace of explanation? Historians are still trying to solve this puzzle, but it’s exactly what happened to the Indus Valley Civilization that gave birth to the cultures of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It was the most ancient urban civilization in the world with a population close to 5,000,000 people. Around 4,000 years ago it just disappeared, leaving mere traces of advanced technologies and a language that is still not deciphered.

People of the Sentinel Island
The Indian archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar is home to one of the most unusual tribes in the world. Historians believe it is the most isolated tribe in existence that has remained without contact with other people for thousands of years! What makes these people different from other isolated tribes is the fact that they reject any contact with the outside world and sometimes even use force to stop the intruders! Yet the analysis of their language suggests their culture has remained untainted for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi
Located in Andhra Pradesh lies the Lepakshi Temple – home to one of the biggest architectural mysteries in the world. The Lepakshi Temple is a grand structure dedicated to Lord Shiva with around 70 beautifully carved pillars inside. One of such pillars doesn’t touch the ground and has no visible support to explain such a phenomenon! Locals believe it’s one of the many tricks only the ancients knew about. Modern architects still can’t explain the mystery of the Handing Pillar!