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6 Most Bizarre Places Discovered By Satellites


In the age of Internet and digital technologies, the All-Seeing Eye is not just some gimmick from a fantasy book, but an actual tangible thing – a network of satellites. Each second or every day the Big Brother is watching the surface of our planet through hundreds, maybe thousands of his eyes up in the sky. Aside from spying on us, these satellites sometimes discover strange things that would otherwise would never see the light of day.


Here are 6 most bizarre places discovered by satellites.



1. The Northern Lights
Most people can only see the Northern Lights from below, but thanks to the satellites we can experience this phenomenon in a whole different light (pardon the pun).

2. The Badlands Guardian
Is this a mountain? Is this a sleeping giant? Who knows! One thing is certain, this thing in Alberta, Canada can only be seen from a satellite.

3. The Lost City of Tanis
If you’ve watched “Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark”, you know about the city of Tanis. It was thought to be lost to the Egyptian sands. But one day a satellite made some infrared images and revealed the long-lost city of Tanis!

4. The Giant Pink Rabbit
On the top of Colletto Fava mountain, in Italy, there’s a 200-foot long pink rabbit that can only be seen from above. It’s pretty cute and terrifying, at the same time.

5. Hurricane Florence
For normal people, hurricane Florence was devastating. A true wrath of nature. But when you see the huge whirlwind on the satellite images, you realize how truly horrifying it was.

6. The Desert Atlantis
Would you believe that the legendary Atlantis had a sister city somewhere in the desert? It was even mentioned in the Quran as “Iram of the Pillars”. According to the story, the city was punished by Allah, and buried in the sand. Now, here it is!