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6 Instagram Accounts For Real Neat-Freaks


Hardly anyone likes cleaning up around the house and organizing all the small stuff. For every normal person, that’s a fate worse than eating soggy bread or getting no wi-fi signal. But some people really enjoy the “order,” and can free up quite a lot of space by just putting items where they belong.

There are even cleaning companies who used their power for good and made Instagram accounts, showing off all the tips and tricks of the home-organizing magic. If you wish to learn how to tidy up your living quarters, kitchen, garage, etc., stay tuned, because we’ve found some of the most impressive Instagram accounts to make you feel like a slob!

1. EverSoOrganized

Can you believe that one single person organized all these amazing lockers and drawers? Yeah, say hi to Amanda Clark – wife, loving mother, and a super neat-freak. In the best sense possible.

2. TheHomeEdit

If you live in New York, Los Angeles, or Nashville, and you need to put your house in order, there’s no better service than the Home Edit. And it seems they’ll be getting their own Netflix series soon!

3. TheContainerStore

The Container Store is a retail company helping people all over the States manage and organize their homes. If you need to “contain” something, there’s a high chance you’ll find it here.

4. OrganizedLifeDesign

Owners of Organized Life Design hate clutter and racism. And their work on this particular garage is nothing short of genius. Just to think that a few hooks and bins can make such a huge difference!

5. FrontProducts

With a slogan like “You want it – we got it” it’s no surprise that Front Products is like heaven to anyone who’s into organizing their kitchen. Think of all those little bottles with spices scattered around your kitchen cupboards. Now you have a solution!

6. ItsOrganized

It’s Organized is a team of award-winning organizational designers providing functional design, organization, and move management services in California, New Jersey, and New York. You can see from their photos that everything they do, looks incredibly clean. What else would you expect from the professionals?