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5 Real-Life Heroes Whose Actions Have Changed the World for the Better


It’s getting more dangerous to survive in the modern world. Bunch of natural disasters doing rounds on the unsuspecting cities, and the military tension keeps rising to the point where a World War III is not out of the question anymore. Our planet is in a constant turmoil!


It takes a special kind of person to not only withstand the pressure, but also to fight back the darkness. Such people disregard their own safety and sacrifice their well-being to help the people around them, no matter what the price.



1. Kyle Carpenter
You know you’ve hit it big when you get your Medal of Honor at the age of 21. Kyle Carpenter did something so inspiring that no matter how many times you hear about it you just want to cry and hug him. In November of 2010, Kyle and his friend were sitting on the roof somewhere in Afghanistan when suddenly a hand grenade flew straight at them. Without a second of hesitation Kyle covered the grenade with his own body to save his friend. Such bravery must have scared off Death itself because he survived. He was however horribly mangled: lost his eye, broke his jaw into a million pieces, not to mention dozens of broken bones inside his body. He’s still kicking, and that’s the only thing that matters.

2. James Harrison
Sometimes we become heroes without even realizing it. Meet James Harrison, a man who takes his civic duty of donating blood very seriously. He’s been doing it since he was 18 years old but found out about how special his blood was a few years later. As it turns out James’ blood contained a very rare antibody that basically cured the potentially deadly “rhesus disease” in newborn. The only known cure is the Anti-D drug, which can only be synthesized from a very rare combination of RhD-negative blood and Rh+ antibodies. Which is exactly what James Harrison has.
All these decades he’s been donating the best blood possible. Once a week, every week, from 1964 till 2018 – that’s about 1,173 blood donations, which potentially means his blood helped save over 2.4 million newborns!



3. Candy Lightner
Did you know that a long time ago drinking while driving was okay? We take many things for granted in the modern world, and being punished for DUI is one of them. It’s all thanks to Candace Lynne Lighter. She was the head of the MADD movement (mothers against drink driving) the main purpose of which was to show how dangerous drunk drivers actually were. This whole ordeal didn’t just come out nowhere, sadly, Candy’s own daughter was a victim of a drunk driver. Today these laws against DUI keep saving lives every minute of every day.

4. Martin Luther King, Jr
You definitely heard the name Martin Luther King, but do you realize how important of a person he was? If anyone ever tells you mere words can’t change the world, you show them one of MLK’s speeches. His words resonated with people of all races and religions, and inspired millions to fight for their civil rights, but peacefully. Martin believed that non-violent protests could save this world, and he was right. No person should be judged based solely on the color of their skin, and MLK knew it.



5. Norman Borlaug
This man saved billions of lives with his big brain and 2 right arms. Norman Borlaug used his scientific mind to develop a strain of wheat that could potentially be grown in most of the climates. After years of researching and combining different strands, he finally created wheat that could easily resist all major deceases and gave heartier plants. This revolutionary innovation helped hundreds of developing nations to get a steady source of food, which in turn boosted their economy. Thanks, Norm, you’re a real hero!