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5 Optical Illusions of 2015 That Will Blow Your Mind


What you see isn’t always what it actually is. Sometimes your brain thinks the dot is black, but it’s actually white. How’s that even possible? Well, for most of us optical illusions are equally fascinating and mysterious (at least for those without a degree in biology or something). Here are some of the most mind-boggling illusions of this year!

Funky Garage Roof

You can get all the details from the video so let me just say, I was really confused when I first saw this. Kokichi Sugihara, the creator of this mind-breaking madness, did a really good job of figuring out what goes where and how to actually build the roof, so it changes its form perfectly. Major props, Mr. Sugihara!


Yes, yes we went there. This goddamn dress has sparked more family fights than UNO and Monopoly put together! What color is it and why? Watch the video to find out because, being colorblind, I am literally and figuratively sick of this subject. NEXT!

The Wandering Circles

If you look at the circles, they seem to be moving ever so slightly, but, apparently, these flickering objects aren’t going anywhere, as they are just standing there, while your brain does all the work. Oh, and the more circles you add the more “motion” you see!

Snow Blind Mindf#ck

This is a neat one. You can use it to trick your kids into thinking you have super powers that can control snow. When you look out the window, and it’s snowing, you can see that the snowflakes are kinda slow, like “eh, I can get to the ground tomorrow, no big deal”. But all you need to do is turn your blinds a bit and you’ll make it look like there’s a snowstorm outside! Kids will love it, trust me.

Splitting Colors

This looks really complicated and it sort of is. You have 2 colored stripes flickering at the same speed, and then we add a bunch of other colored stripes flickering in different colors and moving in various directions. It’s easier if you just watch the video. It’s like unicorns pooping rainbows… but better!
By the way, this is the most “WTF” illusion you’ll see this year. It shows that one and the same object can look completely different depending on its surroundings. If you want to see more optical illusions, explanations and fancy words check out the source .