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5 Incredible Perfect Crimes


Crime doesn’t pay, right? So, how come I’m writing a piece on perfect crimes then? I guess it does pay sometimes. If you wanna commit a crime, better make sure it’s a perfect one, or you’ll end up in jail or even worse! Now, the thing about perfect crimes is that they’re virtually unsolvable and the cases remain open, otherwise it wouldn’t be called “perfect”. So with that in mind, let’s look up some criminal masterminds and check out 5 incredible perfect crimes!



Twin Jewel Thieves Create Perfect Alibi – 5 Million Euros Stolen
8 years ago, in the distant 2009, three dudes wearing masks decided to rob the second largest dept. store in Europe. Using rope ladders, thieves were able to plunder everything they wanted without tripping any sensors or alarms. However, one of them somehow dropped a glove. That’s right if it wasn’t for this little mistake, they’d be able to get away with everything! … Oh, right, they DID get away. Turns out the DNA found on the glove matched TWO people: identical twins identified as Hassan and Abbas O. And in Germany the law requires that each person be individually convicted and because their DNA is so similar, neither can be exclusively pinned to the evidence.

The First National Vault Robbery – $1 Million US
This one’s so weird, all I can think of is “MAGIC!” On October 7, 1977, there was $4 million dollars kept in a locked money cart within a heavily guarded vault, two floors below the Chicago First National Bank. A few days later the money is counted again, and exactly $1 million dollars appears to be missing. 4 years later, in 1981, some of the money showed up in a drug raid, but other than that who knows what had happened there? What would be your best guess?

The Tucker Cross Heist – Priceless
This beautiful 22-karat gold cross, embedded with sparkling green emeralds, was fished out of the sea from a 1594 wreck of the San Pedro by Teddy Tucker in 1955. In 1975, the priceless treasure was moved to the Bermuda Museum of Art, but somehow a master thief switched out the original cross with a cheap plastic replica. And we’ll never know how, when, or where.

Baghdad Bank Robbery – $282 million
On July 11th, 2007, in Dar Es Salaam, a private financial institution in Baghdad, was robbed by two guards, who managed to get away with almost $300 million. The bank didn’t seem to care, though. Maybe it was because the money came from some shady deals, but still someone out there is doing the cash dive like Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales.

The French “Vacuum Gang” – 600,000 Euros and counting…
Lastly, we have a whole crew of French geniuses literally pumping out money from Monoprix, a French supermarket chain. Apparently the weakest spot of unbreakable steel safes is the pneumatic tubes connected to the safes. The “vacuum gang”, using a drill and a vacuum have so far sucked out 600,000 Euros in 15 robberies. What blessed geniuses!