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29-Year-old Model Marries Her Love, A 75-Year-Old Billionaire – Despite Harsh Criticism


In the past, arranged marriages were the norm, and people didn’t often have a choice in who they ended up with. But today, we have the luxury of freedom and choice. As the times have evolved, so have our attitudes towards romantic relationships.

Everyone from couples with big age gaps at different stages in life can experience thriving relationships. Age is just a number when it comes to an authentic connection, and the conventional boundaries people think of often don’t apply.

Although some people will accuse the younger person of being a gold-digger or the older person of being a creep, love is love, and when you find your soulmate, you know. Take Co Ngan and Wynn Katz, for instance. Co, a 29-year-old model from Vietnam, married Katz, a 75-year-old entrepreneur from LA who owns and designs a brand called Rough Roses.

The two met on one of Wynn’s business trips in Vietnam and fell for each other instantly.

They’ve had their ups and downs

Despite going through multiple breakups, the couple eventually decided to get married. Ngan has called Wynn her soulmate, saying, “He is the love of my life, I am sure of it.” 

The model, unfortunately, experienced a lot of harsh, derogatory comments about their union. Most of them said she was only interested in his money or inheriting his fortune, while others went with the classic gold-digger trope.

She was clear with her intentions from the start

The gorgeous Ngan doesn’t need any extra money, and the accusation being thrown around that she’s a gold-digger is ridiculous, given her wealth and standing in Vietnamese society. Since she’s a celebrity and famous model, she’s quite financially secure and can live any luxurious lifestyle her heart desires — without needing a man to support her. 

She has always defended the criticism, saying that it’s always been a “matter of the heart” and that she truly loves him. Luckily, they brush the haters off. The couple is often posts on TikTok, where they record humorous, mocking videos as a response to the vile comments left by users.

Ngan and Katz aren’t the only couple with a massive age difference to have a happily ever after. In fact, many couples today have plenty of years between them and still experience flourishing love. 

Age is just a number

Deep connections cross the boundaries of age, race, culture, and gender. Who knows what attracts two people to each other? And even more importantly, why ruin that beautiful union with our own criticism because we don’t understand or accept it?

Ultimately, our differences and unique perspectives that we bring to a relationship make us fall for each other, and sometimes even find our soulmate, so here’s to crashing down those stereotypes and taboos!