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20 Outrageously Hipster Foods That Must Be Stopped


Hipsters are beardy, fancy and judgmental. We admit that this sub-culture has brought us lots of cool things – it made some obscure fashion trends really popular and turned half of the population into pretentious gourmets. When it comes to food, we owe hipsters a lot. Where would we be without black burgers and craft beers? Hipsters are also keen on eating healthy organic food, so there’s that, too. Whether it’s locally-grown veggies or homemade lemonade, hipsters can turn it into a new trend in a blink of an eye. We really like that about them, but sometimes they just go over the top. Some modern foods should have stayed in the realm of someone’s sick imagination without ever seeing the light of day. Here are 20 outrageously hipster foods that must be stopped.



Sushi Doughnuts
What happened to the good ol’ doughnuts?



Spaghetti Doughnuts
Spaghetti is sacred. It’s a crime to turn pasta into something other than, well, spaghetti.



Grilled Cheese Doughnuts
What did poor Mr. Doughnut do in his past life to deserve all this?



Watermelon Ice Cream Sandwiches
Well, this is something we didn’t even know existed, but now we wish we haven’t seen this.

Chicken Cones
Friend chicken and waffles may not be such a bad combination after all. But why mix the two? Waffle cones make you think of ice cream, not meat.



Black Charcoal Bun Lobster Rolls
We already miss plain old hot dog buns that don’t look like they got burnt in the stove.



Avocado Pizza
Mixing the un-mixable is what hipsters do best.

Succulent Burgers
Succulents aren’t that delicious-looking, really. Aloe Vera burgers, anyone



Pizza Cake
Now we have seen it all.



Avocado Poke Toast
We’re fine with poke taking over the world, but maybe it’s not the best idea to make a breakfast dish out of it.



Cloud Eggs
These cloud eggs look almost magical, which is not a bad thing. But do you really need to go so far to have a simple breakfast?

Goth Ice Cream
And a black waffle cone, too? Dark times have come for ice cream.



Rainbow Bagel
This is something you should eat after the black ice cream to restore the balance of colors in your system.



Edible Cookie Dough Cones
We all have this childhood memory about stealing some cookie dough while our mom prepares this delicious treat. But turning it into a stand-alone dessert? Nah.

Everything Bagel Doughnuts
It’s just too confusing! Are you bagels or doughnuts? Decide already.



Overly Indulgent Milkshakes
When dietitians have nightmares – this is what they look like!



S’mores Fries
We already miss the days when s’mores were a sweet campfire treat and fries were just fries.

Nacho Doughnuts
Maple bacon doughnuts weren’t enough, so they had to invent this, too.



Fancy Açai Bowls
This fancy meal has ‘hipster’ written all over it.



We all love pickles, there’s nothing wrong with them. But why make such a big deal out of it?