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20 Bizarre Photos of Trees Devouring Stuff Around Them


Trees are our best friends. They give us oxygen, keep the ground together, and provide shade, but what if we told you they are also slowly killing innocent fences, bicycles, and even road signs? That’s right; the trees have mastered the art of slow but very lethal hugging. Just imagine what it would feel like to be embraced by an old oak one millimeter at a time until you become whole.

All jokes aside, here are some really weird photos of trees devouring nearby objects!

  • A tree hinting menacingly that you could be next.
  • Out of service? No kidding!
  • One of the most bizarre pictures in this gallery is this mysterious bike stuck inside a tree trunk.
  • No (of)fence, but this shot is quite scandalous, Mr. Tree!
  • This forest has no limits, punk!
  • It took this massive tree over 30 years to swallow a basketball hoop.
  • This tree’s getting all your mail, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Good luck giving a ticket to this wooden actor for blocking the hydrant.
  • It used to be a cool bench, but then tree puberty hit and – boom!
  • If you’re out in the woods and see this scene, would you run away fast or really fast?
  • You’ve all heard of Animorphs, but this is a new spinoff called Dendromorphs, starring Twig McBarkleaf Jr.
  • Silly humans. Trees can’t read English!
  • No one will ever hear you scream when you’re a mannequin inside a tree.
  • Here is another one of those “insta-nope” situations. The help never arrived.

  • The best of both worlds: Steampunk meets Dungeons & Dragons!
  • The key to a successful tree shot is putting an actual key inside a hole and waiting for the trunk to swallow it.
  • Does that sign say “tree cleaning?” Because that would be a bizarre thing to put on a road sign.
  • Rise up, my bark brethren, and invade the neighbor’s backyard!
  • This bicycle was left here eons ago by king Leonidas himself. And now it’s part of the ecosystem.
  • Do you think this is just a harmless statue that got eaten by the forest? Think again! It’s a Buddhist ninja pirate from outer space!