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15 Proofs That Love Lasts Forever


Falling in love could very well be the best feeling in the world, right after tasting garlic bread for the first time. You get the chills, thrills, and butterflies in your tummy… All the good stuff! At least it starts that way. After some time the pink glasses fall off and you see a whole different person beside you. Luckily, there are exceptions to this depressing rule of thumb.


Once upon a blue moon two people fall in love and stay that way, long-long after the so-called “relationship expiration date”. What’s their secret? How many fights did they have throughout their marriage? We may never know the answers to these pressing questions, but there’s one thing they have in common – their everlasting love to each other.


Okay, enough gushing over mere words, let’s see some proof! Here are 15 couples, who have been happily married for decades.



1. One of the most iconic Woodstock album covers featured a couple. And now, after 46 long years, they are still together.



2. Childhood friends, met each other when they were three. Now finally married!



3. When people told these two men that their feelings were “just a phase”, they didn’t know that 25 years later their love will go on.

4. Recreating their wedding day 70 years later.



5. 81 years and still together… Holy crap.

6. It’s great that this couple can finally get married after 44 years. Maybe we, as humans, aren’t all that bad after all?



7. After 69 years of living together these love doves passed away holding each other’s hands. Sad but poetic.



8. Same tree, same two people in love, 41 years later.

9. This is their 40th anniversary, can you believe this?



10. Boy, how the (hair color) tables have turned. 28 long years and still going.

11. Herbert And Zelmyra Fisher have been recognized as the oldest living couple in 2008 (85 years together). Sadly they both passed away in 2011 at the age of 105.



12. 75 exciting tears of marriage.



13. Together for 70 years and ticking.

14. They’ve been married for just 26 Years now, but you can tell the magic and sparks are still there!



15. Another 70 years? These people are amazing! Apparently these two were the main attraction of the Gillingham Carnival In 1926.