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15+ Most Breathtaking Drone Photos Of 2017


Photography has changed dramatically over the last few years with drones entering the big game. Drone photography was so much unlike everything we’ve seen before that it became a standalone genre that required its very own contests and awards. As drones are becoming more and more accessible with each passing year, numerous artists turn to this challenging style of photography. Dronestagram is considered one of the most prestigious aerial photography contests and it has just announced the winners of the latest International Drone Photography Contest. Photographers competed in different fields of aerial photography, taking pictures of people, nature, cities and creating unique concept photos.



Provence, Summer Trim, France (Nature – 1st Place)
We can almost smell lavender just by looking at this photo!



Infinite Road To Transylvania, Romania (Nature – 2nd Place)
This beautiful road has become an inseparable part of landscape.



Waterlily, Vietnam (People – 2nd Place)
There are plenty of wonderful jobs in the world and this is among the most romantic!



Two Moo, South Africa (Creativity – Finalist)
These shadow-casting cows look truly captivating!

The Great Sigiriya, Sri Lanka (Nature – Finalist)
This ancient rock fortress is a stunning synergy of nature and human design.



Motorbike Bridge Over River In Thailand (People – Finalist)
How can something as plain as a man-made bridge look so otherworldly?



Ice Formation, Greenland (Nature – 3rd Place)
We rarely get to see something as staggering as this mosaic of melting ice, especially from above!

Spanish Maze, Spain (Urban – Finalist)
Some cities look like an impressionist painting if you rise high enough to enjoy the pattern.



End Of The Line, U.S. (People – 1st Place)
It takes more than a few seconds to realize what’s going on in this photo. Clever concept!



Dawn On Mercury Tower, Russia (Urban – 2nd Place)
Where is the drone’s reflection? It’s probably hidden somewhere in the picture.



The Family, Tanzania (People – Finalist)
It must have been real fun taking this photo!

Endless Road to Transylvania, Romania (Nature – Finalist)
If our world was a computer game, this would be one of the most breathtaking settings ever!



Ugo Le Marin, France (Creativity – Finalist)
It looks like a kid’s drawing at first, but then you get the scales of this aerial photo. It’s brilliant!



Tatacoa Desert, Colombia (People – Finalist)
If Mother Nature was a painter, she would win all the contests!

Portuguese Surfer, Portugal (Nature – Finalist)
It’s hard to imagine a more thrilling hobby than surfing. It’s both dangerous and extremely exciting!



Sunrise At The Iguazu Falls Balcony, Argentina (Nature – Finalist)
Now that’s a balcony you can spend hours standing on and never get bored!



Peace, Spain (Urban – 3rd Place)
City architects surely knew what they were doing back in the day. This cemetery design is stunning!

Put Your Sports Shoes On, Laos (People – Finalist)
Nothing can quite compare to doing some peaceful Tai Chi at dawn.



Great Wall On Sunset, Covered With Snow, China (Nature – Finalist)
Can this marvelous structure look any more striking?



Goal, Spain (People – Finalist)
Are these players casting shadows…or vice versa?