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13 Reasons The Blizzard 2016 Was This Winter’s Most Photogenic Event


Winter storm Jonas was raving everywhere from Virginia to New England, bringing New York City and Washington DC to a halt dumping up to 40 inches of white powder in some places. It affected the lives of more than 80 million people and became the second largest storm in the history of NYC. No matter how nasty it was, it was still possible to embrace its grandeur and thrilling beauty by taking a pic or two! The Blizzard has proven to be the most photogenic event of the 2016 winter. Below are the most amazing and jaw-dropping pictures and videos that perfectly sum up the snowstorm. Check them out to understand how insane it actually was!




Only the good die young

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The magnitude of the Blizzard is even more overwhelming, when viewed from space! Captain Scott Kelly, an astronaut who takes magnificent images from the window of the International Space Station, has posted a few breathtaking photos of the storm blanketing the coast.

The ocean of snow provided perfect conditions for jumping, flipping, diving and even swimming through it! Doing a snow swim was a particularly tempting challenge these girls and guys just couldn't turn down. However, let's hope the swimmers in the videos below didn't catch cold!












Snowblowing and shoveling all day long during the Blizzard turned people into walking icicles.



Star Wars fans couldn't pass up the chance to make the most of the Blizzard.


After the Blizzard, drivers played hide-and-seek with their vehicles.



And pilots had a few extra holidays.

Someone embraced his inner hotness to melt the hearts of New Yorkers with a song

YouTube star Casey Neistat turned near-empty NYC streets into a snowboarding course. The experience was so awesome and the on-lookers were so fascinated that even the police didn’t seem to really mind!

Tian Tian, a Smithsonian’s National Zoo's panda-boy had a blast in the thick snow during the massive Blizzard. The furry giant was unbelievably delighted to be rolling around in the 13-inch coating of white powder; it became one of the viral symbols of the Blizzard.



Meanwhile in Cleveland Park, deer were frolicking in the street as if Washington DC truly turned into a fairy tale snow kingdom.

The storm left mounds of white snow in its wake that allowed anyone to become an artist. Snow sculptures came in all sizes and the weirdest shapes. Some are truly impressive and creative!

Home-made igloos became a new DIY trend thanks to gigantic heaps of snow. Some dudes even listed one on Airbnb priced at $200.

Joking apart, the Blizzard gave us some examples of genuine bravery and devotion. When responding to medical calls, volunteers had to make their way through waist-deep snow to reach people in a need.

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