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12 Truly Mind Blowing Examples Of Architecture Projects


While there’s a time and a place for looking through dream houses that have that modern, minimalist, Scandinavian feel, today we want to show you some truly amazing architecture. Some of these architecture projects were made by students, others by working professionals who dared to dream. But what’s most important is that all of these architectural projects evoke this feeling of wonder and amazement. They’re futuristic, unusual, and mesmerizing. Feast your eyes on them and dare to dream up your own dream home no matter how crazy it might look. 

1. Small Cabins that look like they’re sitting on their side, yet they’re actually perfectly designed houses that take up less space without sacrificing any commodities by @shomali_design.

2. This gorgeous Villa in the Maldives looks like it’s just floating on water by  @mohand_albasha_00.

3. A perfect forest tower to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city b @miroslavmn and @roshgera

4.  Believe it or not this is not a futuristic office skyscraper, it’s a design of a private house by @kulthome.

5. Gorgeous bathroom of your dreams designed by @ntviz.

6. A very interesting take on futuristic gardens in the middle of the sea by @miroslavmn.

7. The amount of greenery in this project by @rmjmofficial will make every plant lover happy.

8.  A project for a building in India that makes us want to move ASAP by @studioardete.

9. A stunning mussel-shell retreat design in Ukraine by @kovtun.burakov.arch.

10. A restaurant design shaped like Pelican Beaks by @thilinaliyanage overlooking the mountains of Sri Lanka.

11. What looks like a condominium of dreams complete with a pool and all the plants you might ever want by @lopxarquitectos.

12. And finally this Oasis house in the  Philippines by @vincentcallebautarchitectures probably wins in terms of plants and greenery, it’s basically 5o% garden 50% house.