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12 Popular Things That Could’ve Had Different Names


Naming things isn’t always easy. It feels like most names have been taken already, and you also want your product or creation to sound fancy and unique. Sometimes, you’ll pick something really horrible because it might not sound as horrible at the moment. Thankfully, sometimes, you’ll also realize it right in time to rename your marketing failure waiting to happen.


Let’s take a look at some times where the marketing department made a last minute save.



The internet search engine we all use and love was initially named “Backrub”. Kind of creepy, isn’t it? “Let me Google that” sounds a lot less wrong than “Let me give that a Backrub”.



Despite logic dictating that this should’ve been called “Not Coca Cola”, it was initially called “Brad’s Drink”. Which I guess would also translate to “Not Coca Cola”.

The Breakfast Club
This classic movie was initially called “The Lunch Bunch”. It kind of makes sense, considering how they actually have lunch together in the movie. Then again, I rarely wake up before noon so lunch is kind of like breakfast, isn’t it?



Maroon 5
This popular band didn’t always have the household name they do now. When they started out, they named their band “Kara’s Flowers” after a groupie that was seriously crushing on the band members.

Mozilla Firefox
Firefox first had the name of a different animal – it was called Firebird. Of course, considering how another company was already named Firebird, there’s guitars called Firebirds and cars called Firebirds, it was probably a better idea to go with something more unique.



Mr Bean
Rowan Atkinson’s most popular character was initially named “Mr. Cauliflower”. Can you imagine? That would’ve been horrible!

The band was almost called “Starfish”. While it wouldn’t really fit with their older material, it certainly makes more sense for their more recent, colorful visual themes.



The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon was named Kenny in early drafts of the series, where the working title was “Lenny, Penny and Kenny.” That wouldn’t have lasted for ten seasons, now would it?

Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana was named “Alexis Texas” in initial plans for the show, but turns out that Alexis Texas is an actress in the somewhat more… exotic movies. Yeah. Can’t have that kind of confusion for a Disney show, can you?



Spongebob SquarePants
“Spongeboy” doesn’t really sound like it’d go well with an audience, right? Also, it’s exactly what he is: a boy made of sponge. Thankfully Spongeboy was already copyrighted by a mop company (go figure) and they had to change the name to Spongebob.

Pink Floyd
Despite no one being able to imagine Pink Floyd being named anything else, they were initially called ”Screaming Abdabs”. Thankfully, they changed their minds later on, before their career really took off.



The popular social media app was initially known as “Pictaboo”. Apparently this name was already taken by a photography book, so they had to change it to Snapchat.