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12 Illuminati Secrets We Are Not Supposed To Know


There are as many conspiracy theories as there are people in the world, yet some are more believable than others. Also, there’s no smoke without fire, right? Sometimes it’s just the yellow press blabbering some nonsense to get more readers, and sometimes more legitimate sources express the very same ideas but with much more believable facts to support them. Then there are special symbols that have existed for hundreds of years and have appeared here and there throughout human history. Who created them and what do they mean? Here are 12 facts about the most famous secret society in the world – Illuminati.



‘The Enlightened Ones’
That’s what the world ‘Illuminati’ means in Latin. Supposedly, people who belong to the Illuminati have more knowledge about science and the world in general than those people who are not in the club.



The stuff of legends
Contrary to the popular belief, Illuminati weren’t created to be the mysterious and secretive society that it is today. Originally, the organization was absolutely against ‘obscurantism’ – hiding all kinds of facts from the public. Nevertheless, in the course of history Illuminati have become the very thing they were fighting against – an almost legendary mysterious society that supposedly withholds important knowledge from millions of people.

The official ban in 1785
That’s right, the Illuminati organization has existed for around nine years and was then banned by Karl Theodor. The Bavarian Government along with the Catholic Church worried about the impact a secret society such as this would have on people (and the power it will eventually have over them) so they just banned all secret societies altogether. Which, in turn, just made all such societies go deeper underground. As a result, we don’t even know for sure whether the Illuminati order still exists or not.



Three classes
At the beginning of its existence Illuminati weren’t too secretive about themselves and even published some info on the system of the Illuminati order in 1782. It appears they had a three-tiered hierarchy with such classes: ‘The Nursery’ (including Illuminatus Minor, the Minerval, and the Noviciate), ‘The Masonic Grades’ (including Master, Companion and Apprentice), and ‘The Mysteries’ (including Prince and Priest)

They are everywhere
Rumor has it the Illuminati have infiltrated the world on every possible level. Vatican City, the US Government, Hollywood, the UN, NATO and most of global media outlets are controlled by Illuminati. This would explain how they’ve managed to stay under the radar for so long. It’s a global conspiracy!



They have all the banks in their pockets
Any huge secret society would need a substantial amount of financial support to do all the controlling on a global scale. This is where the world’s most prominent banks come in. Supposedly, their founders have connections that date back to the very beginning of the Illuminati order in Bavaria. Thus, all the big banks are funding the conspiracy.

Beyoncé is a member of Illuminati
Illuminati enthusiasts believe that banks and government institutions aren’t the only ones that belong to the order. They believe that such famous people like Jay Z, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and even the Pope are also members of the order. Musicians, actors and writers are often seen making special Illuminati symbols with their hands, thus proving they’re part of the secret society. While that may or may not be true, it’s hard to imagine that the Pope is also in on this as the organization is highly anti-religious.



Illuminati are to blame for JFK’s assassination
There are also things like the French Revolution, the Battle of Waterloo and the 9/11 terror attacks that were supposedly orchestrated by Illuminati. Some people even claimed that President George W. Bush was also part of the secret society. And while there’s no solid proof to support those claims, it’s a bit more different with the assassination of John F. Kennedy as there was evidence of two shooters being present at the scene.

The original symbol of Illuminati
Not many people know it, but the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ was not the original symbol of Illuminati. The first ever emblem adopted by the secret society was actually an owl, also known as the ‘Owl of Athena’ or the ‘Owl of Minerva’. It was a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, something that the order claimed to have.



The All-Seeing Eye and the Federal Reserve
The pyramid with the infamous All-Seeing Eye got connected to Illuminati mostly through pop-culture and was not the original symbol of the order. Nevertheless, the fact that both the unfinished pyramid and the eye can be found on one-dollar bills led many people to believe that the Federal Reserve is under Illuminati control.

Illuminati has nothing to do with Satanism
Pop-culture is creating its own Illuminati ‘facts’, some of which turn into legends of their own. After ‘Angels and Demons’ and a bunch of other movies, many people have come to believe that the order of Illuminati had something to do with Satanism. In fact, there’s no proof of the order being involved in any kind of sacrifice to Lucifer or any other entity. The organization was anti-religious, thus, it would be strange if its members were involved in such activities.



Double conspiracy
It would only be logical for Illuminati to create their own conspiracies to hide the truth from people. And the more believable they are – the better! We can all see that there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there – they can’t all be true. But the sheer number of them proves that something’s not right and greater powers are at play.