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12 Celebs You’d Never Recognize Without Their Signature Look


There are celebs who, no matter how they change their appearance, will always be recognized (for better or worse). On the other hand we have stars like Zooey Deschanel, who you’d never recognize in a crowd if, it wasn’t for her signature bangs. Of course, there’s more to a person than just their looks, but still, it’s kinda weird to not be able to recognize an actual Hollywood celebrity without their signature look. Here are just some of them!



1. As I’ve just mentioned, Zooey Deschanel‘s bangs are pretty much her most notable facial feature, besides her doe eyes. And here’s what happens when she goes out without her signature hair style…



2. Who would’ve known that Joaquin Phoenix could look this grizzly with just his shades and a messy beard? Are we even sure it’s actually him?

3. Remember when Ke$ha was just starting out so she put as much glitter on her face as possible? Yeah, turns out in her more natural look she’s been hiding this pretty face.



4. Matthew McConaughey sure knows how to look amazing. Until he gets a role that requires a complete 180 of what we’re all used to.

5. When I say “Taylor Momsen”, you’re probably thinking of cute pandas. And I can’t blame you, she does look like a cute panda with that dark makeup. So, it’s only natural that people don’t recognize her when she goes… well, natural.



6. The cute Lolita-like singer Melanie Martinez with her full makeup and colorful hair, looks like a cheap knock-off of herself, when she’s not in character.

7. I couldn’t not include Marilyn Manson, because showing people how bad he looks without all the makeup is my lifelong dream.



8. Cara Delevingne‘s eyebrows are the sh#t, whether you like it or not, but without them, she’s just another haute couture model. Bleh.

9. Ariana Grande is rarely (if ever) seen without her signature half-up, half-down hairstyle, but when she lets that hair down, she looks pretty freaking hot.



10. Who said Gwen Stefani can’t rock a lipstick color other than red? Paraphrasing her own song “Don’t speak, you don’t know what you’re saying! “

11. When the Hollywood blonde, Blake Lively, becomes a fiery redhead, the whole world loses it!



12. I’d lie if I said Pamela Anderson’s best known for her black eyeliner, but let’s leave it at that, and check out how the famous Playboy model looks without her signature makeup!