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11 Crazy Myths That Movies Made Us Believe


It’s incredible just how much false information we are being fed by TV and cinema. Sometimes to make things more action-packed or adventurous, screenwriters tend to exaggerate things or even come up with facts that don’t exist. For instance, did you know that chloroform doesn’t actually make people unconscious in a blink of an eye, in real life it takes quite some time to cause any effect. Yet in the movies it’s one of the most common ways to kidnap someone! Some of these myths are relatively innocent, but others can even harm people. Here are 11 lies that movies made us believe.



Thousands of viewers believe that a stopped heart ca be revived with a defibrillator shock, but the reality is harsher than that. Once the heart stops beating, even a defibrillator can’t restart it.



It’s a popular misconception that chloroform can knock out a person for several hours in a raw. While this might be true to some extent, in reality chloroform doesn’t work half as fast as it is shown in the movies when people get kidnapped. Actually, it takes up to 5 minutes for it to take effect.

Phone calls
Have you ever tried to trace a phone call like they do it in the movies? Things always happen in a blink of an eye and the kidnapper or killer gets caught immediately. Think 1 minute is enough for police to trace a phone call? Not even close! In real life they will need at least one hour to do it.



Forensic process has always given us the illusion that all the juiciest things happen in the laboratories. CSI and Bones made us believe that this process can answer all questions ad even solve crimes, but in reality it just helps collect evidence and rarely gives such quick insights into the nature of the crime.

Missing person
Many people believe they need 24 hours before they can call police and report a missing person. When in reality if you have solid grounds to believe that a missing person is actually gone, then don’t hesitate ad call the police immediately.



What happens when a person is drowning? You think that he/she is shouting loudly for help while reaching their arms up? Well, you are wrong! It’s quite hard to notice a drowning person as usually they don’t even have the strength to shout.

Two guns
While shooting two guns does look cool on screen, in real life it’s hardly possible to aim at two targets at a time. Unless you have some special super powers, of course.



While gun silencers do make the noise of a shot less audible, they don’t make it disappear completely. The movies are lying to us!

Doors unlocked with a gun
How many times we’ve seen doors being unlocked with a gun? Too many to count. In reality, padlocks are made with iron and have really thick shackle. A small bullet won’t destroy it!



Free fall
Sometimes we see skydivers chatting right there in the open skies while falling down to earth, but that isn’t accurate. The wind up there is so fast and strong, that you become completely deaf.

Asteroid belt
Dozens of space movies led us to believe that the asteroid belt is a pretty crowded place that is quite dense. In reality, there are miles filled with nothing but vacuum, but somehow we were brainwashed into thinking different.