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10 World’s Most Popular Museums


There are a lot of things that belong in a museum: paintings, old statues, mummies, priceless jewels, pretty much anything you can think of – there’s a museum dedicated to that thing. In fact, if the International Council of Museums is to be trusted, there are over 55,000 museums in the world. Some small, others huge, but regardless of their size they all have incredible pieces on display.


Here are 10 world’s most popular museums!



1. Museum of Microminiatures – Kyiv, Ukraine
If you have an affinity for tiny things, you’re going to want to visit Kyiv’s mind-boggling Museum of Microminiatures. Everything here will make you feel like a giant: ships, books, shoes, fleas, all ranging from a few millimeters artificial roses small enough to fit inside a human hair. Absolutely amazing stuff!



2. National Palace Museum – Taipei, Taiwan
Here you can find some of the best pieces of Chinese art, like the jade cabbage, a ton of religious artifacts, and historic statuary.

3. China Science and Technology Museum – Beijing, China
This museum has (almost) everything with a scientific tangent: the first compass, bronze tools, astronomic gear from hundreds or thousands of years ago, and of course, the unique spacesuits of Yang Liwei, the first Chinese astronaut.



4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York
It’s the famous “Met” where they’re said to have everything pertaining to the fine arts. Well, maybe not everything, but still over two million works of art is nothing to scoff at.

5. National Air and Space Museum – Washington, D.C.
As you may’ve guessed from the name, the National Air and Space Museum deals in “air and space” technology. Here you can still find the Wright brothers’ first airplane!



6. National Museum of Natural History – Washington, D.C.
If you’re looking for a long trip to a museum, pick this one, as it has over 126 million specimens and artifacts from different cultures. It may take you days to see them all, and then you realize it was only the first floor.

7. National Museum of American History – Washington, D.C.
For all you American history buffs, this museum is a mandatory pit-stop. Here you’ll find exactly what it was on the cover – millions of artifacts from the American history, including Lincoln’s 1865 top hat and the original “Star-Spangled Banner” flag.

8. British Museum — London, UK
Welcome to the first national public museum in the world! One of the most popular exhibits here is the famous Rosetta Stone. You’re gonna need that to decipher the location of the Holy Grail.



9. The Louvre – Paris, France
It’s Louvre. You know what it looks like, you’ve seen the movies, right? Ah, to see Mona Lisa with your own eyes, I can’t think of anything more dull and overrated in this world. But I’m sure there are good exhibits too.

10. National Museum of China – Beijing, China
When a museum has 1 km (~1.9 miles) line in front of it, you know something amazing is hidden inside. Just like the American history museum teaches about, well, American history, take a guess what the National Museum of China has to offer.