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10 Things Americans Find Really Weird About Mexicans


It’s probably not a big secret that different nations do things a little differently, this includes Mexicans as well, of course. While many Americans might find the following traditions somewhat strange, Mexicans know that they only make them stand out. Let’s see what the Americans find weird about their Southern neighbors and their traditions.



Really inappropriate slang
Sometimes not even other Mexicans fully understand what the hell that other guy is saying. “Que Pedo?” doesn’t always mean they mean your flatulence, and if you’re being called a “puta” by your friend, don’t take it as an insult, it’s just the way that gringo says he loves you.



Putting anything and everything into a tortilla
Beans? Sure. All sorts of meat? Hell yeah! Pickled eggs? Umm…maybe? In Mexico everything can end up on a tortilla.3-day-old rajas, aguacate, and frijoles, neatly wrapped in a delicious tortilla will probably make you regret eating this monster later, but it’s oh so worth it.

Saying “Jajaja” instead of “Hahaha”
Seriously, that’s probably the only thing on this list that I find to be weird as well.

Crazy Traffic
Guess what, you don’t even need a driver’s license in Mexico City, which is probably the reason why the streets are in the state of perpetual chaos. To add oil to the fire, there are people running red lights while talking on their phones. Oh, and apparently, Mexicans don’t believe in safety belts, or something? I don’t know, and at this point, this would not surprise me.



Tamales, Tamales everywhere!
All day every day they could eat those delicious Tamales. And who can blame them? It’s like Ambrosia!

Drink Tequila Like Russians Drink Vodka
Word of advice: if you are out drinking with a Mexican friend, do not even try to out-shot them. Just say you’ve lost while you can still talk.

Dia de los Muertos – Day Of The Dead
Instead of mourning the dead, Mexicans throw a huge party! I don’t see anything weird with this tradition. In fact I think mourning is pretty stupid, especially if you’re a religious person. After all, the deceased person went to a world without all this bullshit. Be happy for them!

Scolding in Spanish
Have you ever heard a Mexican-American scold their child in public? Even if you don’t speak Spanish you can tell that kid is in hell right now. And if there’s a full name involved – RIP, little bastard.

Eat The Worm
You know those fancy bottles of Tequila with snakes, worms and other stuff, right? Well, apparently Mexicans eat that stuff at the bottom of the bottle. Eww.

Make a party out of the smallest cause
Like it or not, Mexicans are a joyful bunch, whenever, wherever. Be it a Birthday, New Year, or a Taco Tuesday. In Mexico they celebrate the Student’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Secretary’s Day and countless other big and small occasions. Every day is a reason to celebrate!