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10 of The Biggest Time Wasters


Are you unlike other people and do you have too much free time on your hands? Ofcourse you’re not. In fact, I’ll bet you actually want to create more free time and cut down on time sinks. But how can you know what to do and what not to? That’s why I’m here!



Let’s take a look at some time wasters you should probably forget about.


I know, it’s a slick body, but you don’t need to spend 2 hours a day for it. Just don’t get fat and everything else will pretty much work itself out with the occasional 30 minute workout. But keep the intensity up.



Online Shopping
Let’s all fill up that basket with 15 pairs of trousers, only to realize that you don’t have money – pretty much like everyone else – at checkout. Could’ve used that time for something productive and we both know you’ll do this again next week.

Organizing Your Computer Files
It’s called a search function. I mean, you don’t run a business, what exuberant amount of awkward files are you keeping anyway?



Seriously, would anyone still use Facebook if Messenger hadn’t entirely taken over what other chat programs used to do before?

Stick to one and dump whatever side paths you’re venturing on. There’s no betting on all the horses in this race.



Playing Mobile Games
Honestly, most of these are Pay To Win and considering how the world works in our current day and age, it might actually be cheaper and less time intensive to just buy everything and be maximum level on day one. It’s how the Chinese do it.

Just calculate how long it even takes you to find a channel that shows something remotely worth watching. I’ll wait.

Cleaning The House
Hire a maid. It’s not only for rich people now.



Online shopping is infinitely more time-efficient these days, especially with most stores offering free returns, but even online shopping has been proven a waste of your time.

You’re not a bank, nor a company. If the bank account says any value above 0, there’s no need to go into accounting mode.