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10 Non-Traditional Careers for Women


In our modern age it’s pretty messed up to pigeon-hole women by limiting their career options, and yet some backwards-thinking Neanderthals still think it’s appropriate. In reality, however, women can do all types of jobs from being a firefighter to making fantastic gourmet meals as a chef. By definition a non-traditional job for a woman is one where up to 25% of workers are women. The US Department of Labor has listed around 100 non-traditional professions, which is quite a big number.

A person’s gender should never play a pivotal role in choosing an occupation, unless someone requires you to have certain body parts, but those jobs are a whole other can of worms. In a nutshell, I don’t think there are any jobs that a man or a woman are incapable of doing, purely based on their gender. As long as you have the required skills, you should be given a shot, which is why education is incredibly important in anyone’s future career.

So now let’s get a quick look at those 10 non-traditional career choices for women.

1. Truck Driver

What’s so special about transporting goods?

Woman Truck Driver | Brain Berries

2. Architect

Designing cool buildings is an awesome career path!

Woman  Architect | Brain Berries

3. Barber

Turns out women do know how to trim one’s beard.

Woman Barber | Brain Berries

4. Chef

For some reason most chefs are men, but I’ve never heard anyone saying “the dinner my dad has cooked was unforgettable”. Moms rock, and women are awesome chefs!

Woman Chef | Brain Berries

5. Clergy Member

Religion and religious people are a tough cookie to crack. That’s all I can say.

Woman Clergy Member| Brain Berries

6. Special agent/Detective

It’s a dangerous job for sure, but oh so rewarding!

Woman Special agent Detective | Brain Berries

7. Engineer/Technician

Apparently, not too many women find maths, physics, and all the science mumbo-jumbo very fun.

Woman Engineer | Brain Berries

8. Firefighter

Firefighters save lives every single day. This is probably the most valiant of all the professions on this list.

Woman Firefighter | Brain Berries

9. Pilot

What is a pilot if not a sky Uber? But unlike Uber, only the most qualified get to fly air crafts.

Woman Pilot | Brain Berries

10. Programmer

Writing codes, making apps and games, staying up till the morning with blood-shot eyes, not sleeping for days because of the deadlines and crunch time… Yup being a programmer is very rewarding!