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10 Mesmerizing and Terrifying Pictures of the Taal Volcano Eruption in the Philippines


On January 12, the great Taal volcano erupted so much ash it covered everything in a 14 km radius. On January 13, orange, glowy lava began to spew from its nethers. About one million people living within the 17 km radius from the volcano were told to evacuate immediately, due to the high risk of the so-called “blast eruption”, during which the lava is forcefully ejected from the volcano.

Ash-covered McDonalds

Random unsuspecting party celebrating life.

Nina Akino International Airport in Manila was suspended indefinitely, with nearly 170 flights canceled, due to the eruption. The volcanic ash accumulates on the runways and, if the flights were greenlit, could lead to horrible consequences.

Even the evacuation did not go over smoothly.

This is what despair looks like.

Taal volcano is located approximately 60 km south of the Philippines capital Manila on the island of Luzon. Taal has erupted at least 34 times over the past 450 years.

On the other hand, the eruption looked freaking amazing.

How about getting married next to an erupting volcano?

One of these eruptions lasted six months in 1754. The eruption in 1911 killed 1335 people; in 1965 – 190 people. In the past 55 years, there were four small eruptions.

You know you’ve angered the gods when this is what you see outside.

Nature, you’re crazy!

In addition to the immediate danger to the locals, the 2020 eruption could also mess up the economy of the region. Within the 17 km zone, there are several amusement parks, coastal resorts, and yacht clubs that could all be destroyed. The worst part is that as of January 21, the volcano is still brewing and this is only the beginning.

It looks like a black and white photo, but it’s actually a pineapple plantation sprinkled with ash.

The contrast between the lifeless landscape and the colorful lady makes this photo incredibly eye-catching.