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10 Food Challenges for People with Steel Stomachs


Sometimes simply eating your lunch is just too boring, and you wanna spice it up somehow. Fear not, countless diners and fast food restaurants have what they call “challenges”. Basically, if you meet the requirements, you’ll be rewarded with something. Could be a free meal, a money prize, or something else, or even nothing at all. These food challenges aren’t for the faint of heart, however, as they may cause some serious health issues. Either way, let’s see how many of you will say “pffft, that’s nothing, I’d eat that thing in a heartbeat!”



1. At Big Pie in the Sky in Georgia you can win $250 if you risk eating 11 pound, 30 inch pizza in under an hour. Gotta say, my gut would probably explode.



2. Here’s a challenge that will require teamwork! At Clinton Station Diner in New Jersey, teams of 10 will munch on 105 pound burger for an hour. If they win they’ll be awarded a $5,000 prize! 10 pounds per person is just too much.

3. Probably one of the hardest ways to win $1000: eat 48-ounce bowl of soup made from one of the hottest chili’s in the world. If you survive this somehow, you’ll need that money to pay the hospital bill.



4. At Atomic Burger, you’ll have 45 minutes to complete three burgers inside two pizzas with triple chili fries, triple onion rings, triple American cheese, and with triple Fallout Sauce, which is made with Ghost Peppers, the hottest chilis in the world. Your reward? Probably life-long regret.

5. Some fast food chains, like the Jack-N-Grill for example, serve a 7 pound breakfast burrito with 7 potatoes, a pound of ham, a dozen eggs and a whole onion. There’s no reward, just the thrill of almost getting a heart attack.



6. If you’re able to finish this 16-scoop sundae, containing 3 brownies, 3 bananas, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and other yummies, you’ll get a picture of yourself on the wall.

7.If you eat this 22 inch, 10 pound pizza stuffed with cheese, meats, veggies and peppers in 1 hour, you’ll… get absolutely nothing extra. But at least you can have one of your friends to help you, which would defeat the whole purpose of a challenge, but whatever.

8. Imagine a 12-inch hoagie bun, a half-pound of pulled pork, a half-pound of hickory-smoked sliced pork, a half-pound of hickory-smoked ham, a half-pound of hickory-smoked turkey breast, three half-pound hickory-smoked hamburgers, a half-pound of smoked brisket, smoked BBQ sausages, and plenty of sauce… that’s what they call the Ultimate Destroyer. If you want to have your photo on the wall, you’ll have to struggle through that monstrosity, as well as a pound and a half of fries and four pickles in 45 minutes.



9. This pancake house is willing to give you a free t-shirt, your money back, and a cool coffee mug, if you eat The Grand Slam: a 25-inch pancake with 10 scrambled eggs, four ingredients you choose, a cup of cheese and two cups of potatoes. Oh yeah, and you only have 45 minutes.

10. And for dessert, let’s have a sundae served in an actual kitchen sink! It has 3 sliced bananas, 8 scoops of any ice cream you choose, 8 servings of toppings, a crap-ton of whipped cream, and some toasted almonds and cherries on top. To get free ice-cream for a whole year, all you gotta do is sink it (hah!) in under 20 minutes.