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10 Dream Jobs for People Who Hate People


You don’t have to actually like people to become successful in life. In fact, there are many high paying jobs that don’t require any interactions with other people whatsoever. If you are an introvert and don’t play well with a big bunch of people, and if you believe that co-working is a nightmare, then you should definitely think about taking up one of these occupations. The possibilities are endless! You can work on your laptop as a blogger or a writer, do math research or something fancier like working with chemicals or watching stars up in the sky. Here are a few interesting jobs that will definitely make an introvert happy.



Graphic Designer
You can definitely go far with graphic design in terms of salary and career growth. And you don’t even need to sit in the office the whole day! What you’ll need is a more or less powerful laptop, a keen eye for detail, some knowledge of the special software that’s used in graphic design (like Photoshop or InDesign) and lots of free time. It’s a job that’s usually done solo and all the communicating can be done via Skype. It’s a real heaven for ‘people haters’!
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Social Media Manager
We all know that interacting with people in person and online are not the same thing. Real life is just so much scarier! And if you’re into Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other fun social media platforms, then you should definitely try working as a social media manager. What you’ll need is some gadget (laptop, smartphone), good internet connection, and authenticity. You’ll find it much easier to connect with people online, and the salary is not so bad either!
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Plant Scientist
Hey, if you don’t like humans, then how about working with plants instead? They will require all your attention, but they are certainly less chatty and some of them are quite pretty (magnolias, roses, bonsai). You’ll get to study lots of plants in a lab, categorize all their parts, and research all their potentials. Plants are used in a great variety of fields, so you’ll always have some interesting research to do. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a miraculous plant that cures all diseases? You’ll also get to visit a considerable number of forests.
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Computer Programmer
IT is one of the best paying fields of work these days. Programmers and coders of all sorts are not only witty, smart and well-paid, they also get to do tons of interesting research and create programs for various purposes. You can work for Facebook if you think out of the box and like to invent new things, or you can code for space programs if you are more into working with NASA and the Universe itself. You can even program robots! Computer programming is something that will definitely stay popular for years to come.
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Do you remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her know-it-all librarian Giles? Well, you don’t need a degree in demonology and special fighting skills to become a librarian in real life, but what you do need is love for books, reading and all things related to literature. You’ll need to do a lot of organization and categorization. You will also learn more about different authors and genres of literature that you’ve ever thought possible. This job requires dedication, but it’s ideal for all the introverts out there.
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Video Game Tester
Gaming can actually be profitable if you take it to the next level. For this job you’ll need a keen eye and plenty of creativity. Gaming experience should be level ‘expert’ and no less. This job involves testing new games and apps that different companies come up with. What this means is that you’ll need to understand what’s good about the product, what’s bad, and what needs improving. All this comes from years of gaming experience and a sharp eye to notice even the slightest details.
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Music Composer
There’s nothing more intimate and rewarding than writing music and creating your own songs. This job requires solitude and seclusion, at least for the part where you’re actually creating music. You’ll need to find some listeners later, especially if you opt for a commercial product, but all this can be done via Internet and Social Media. You can try mixing beats, do some DJing, or master an instrument that you really like and work with it as much as you can. It’s not an easy path, but if music is your passion – it’s the best thing for you!
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If you have lots of interesting thoughts you’d like to share with other people (in a non-real-life way) or you have a hobby that you’re really passionate about, then you should consider blogging as this is one of the trendiest occupations nowadays. Writing the blog may not be as hard as you might think, but you’ll also need to learn a lot about Google analytics and SEO. Other than that being a blogger is fun because you get to talk about what you really love for months and months and actually earn money for it!
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Animal Care Worker
Not many of us can become panda care takers (because not many of us actually live in China), but the next best thing you can do is work with dogs, cats, birds and other super cute animals that require a lot of attention, but won’t tire you with meaningless talks like some people might do. You can take care of animals that were left in the streets or assist veterinarians. Or even become one yourself, if you are truly passionate about saving these cute creatures and making sure they stay healthy and fit.
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Do you have a knack for drawing, painting or designing? You can combine all of them and create some really beautiful works of art. These days there are numerous possibilities to earn as an artist. You can sell your works online or via real life venues like cafes or farm markets. You can also help cafes, restaurants and shops create unique designs or creative displays. You’ll have to do a lot of self-advertising, but the work itself requires solitude and concentration.
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