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10 Crazy-Looking Beauty Products From Asia That Actually Work


Asian women are incredibly careful and meticulous when it comes to preserving their youthful appearance. Unlike most of us, they use special tools and cosmetic items to make their skin look younger, remove wrinkles, and all that good stuff. And judging from the 5-star reviews, these crazy contraptions must really be amazing at what they do, so let’s take a good look at them and maybe have a laugh.

Here are the 10 crazy-looking beauty products from Asia that actually work!

1. Armpit Pads

This ingenious hygroscopic patch will absorb sweat, stop the growth of bacteria and prevent odor. Why wouldn’t you slap these puppies on every day? You could actually wear these on your feet and maybe some other pungent spots.

2. Mouth Stretcher

The mouth stretcher is designed to train the muscles that hold up the chin and prevent the face from sagging. The fact is that in everyday life, we ​​rarely open our mouths wide enough for these muscles to get a proper workout, so with just three minutes a day, you can fix that problem.

3. Nose Tip Pointerizer 5000

It’s exactly what it sounds like: you shove that contraption up your nose and given some time, it’ll deform the cartilage. Wearing such a device for half an hour every day is supposed to make your nose tip pointier for… reasons?

4. Eye Massager

What may look like a VR headset is actually an eye massager. This thing is said to relax your eyes and even help with some health issues.

5. Breast Massager

It looks like a hand that’s about to grab a melon, and I suppose that’s pretty much what it does. This massager prevents sagging breasts and improves blood circulation in the area where the bra usually squeezes the skin.

6. Face Exercise Machine

It looks like a toy from a certain type of shop, doesn’t it? But it’s really a great exercise machine for facial muscles. It is intended for those whose cheeks and chin are genetically prone to sagging. Wear the mask for 20 minutes a day, and you’ll see the sagginess go away!

7. Freaky Face Mask

What is it for? Your guess is as good as mine. Probably to keep your face from falling apart after a hard day.

8. Face Hair Remover

Just looking at this metal spring makes me think of medieval torture chambers. This thing is called a manual depilator, and it will help you easily remove unwanted hairs on the upper lip or chin. Just be prepared for an ocean of pain.

9. Double Eyelid Glasses

This issue is not something a regular Caucasian person would be tackling, as it applies mostly if not exclusively to Asian people. You see, most Asians don’t have the double eyelid fold, and a lot of the ladies consider that feature to be very attractive, so what do they do? They buy these weird glasses, which include small wireframes for the eye area in their design, allowing the wearer to form a double eyelid after some time.

10. Slimming Slippers

These funny slippers are designed to exercise your leg muscles even when you’re just standing by elevating the sock part and keeping the muscles in tone. Quite a brilliant solution!