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10 Crazy Coincidences You Won’t Believe Actually Happened


We’ve all dealt with some kind of coincidences in our lives. Maybe you’ve thought of a friend you haven’t seen for years and suddenly he calls you out of the blue. Or maybe you’ve said something at the same time with another person. Our lives are filled with these small coincidences and we usually don’t pay much attention to them beyond the usual ‘oh, wow’. But then there are bigger coincidences that sometimes baffle even scientists. These unexplainable things happen all around us and history is filled with such examples. Did you know that the Titanic tragedy was predicted years before the ship was even built? And how about Simpsons predicting Trump’s presidency 16 years ago? Here are 10 crazy coincidences that actually happened.



Edgar Allan Poe and the time machine
Edgar Allan Poe, the master of all things creepy and wicked, seems to have traveled to the future or somehow foreseen the events that took place 46 years later. In his book The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket he described the sinking of a ship with four sailors that have survived. Yet, in order not to starve they had eaten Richard Parker, a cabin boy. Poe stated that the story was based on real events, but nothing of such kind has happened during his days. But 46 years later a ship did sink and the surviving sailors have done the very thing described in Poe’s book – they ate a cabin boy. And guess what? His name was Richard Parker!
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The deaths of Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly
On a dark September night back in 1888, Catherine Eddowes was found drunk in the streets of London. She was arrested and then released some time later. The woman didn’t want to reveal her real name, so she used ‘Mary Kelly’ instead. The very same night Jack the Ripper murdered Catherine Eddowes and then moved on to the next victim named…Mary Kelly!
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The ultimate survivor
It’s hard to call this man lucky because he has witnessed two horrifying acts of violence, but he did survive through both of them! Last year Matthew played dead after being shot during the terrorist attack on the Bataclan theater in Paris, but what’s more unbelievable is that he has also witnessed and survived through the 9/11 attack that happened 14 years earlier. He was passing by one of the twin towers when the building was hit by a plane.
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Deaths on the Hoover Dam
The construction of the Hoover Dam took a total of 112 lives, but the strangest accidents of all were the first and the last one. George Tierney, the surveyor, was the first man to die on the Hoover Dam. He drowned In the Colorado River looking for a perfect spot for the dam. This happened on December 20, 1922. What’s more spine-chilling is the fact that his very own son, Patrick Tierney, was the last man to die on the dam. He died 15 years later on December 20, the same day his father passed away.
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Mark Twain and his own death
The world famous author predicted the day of his very own death! Mark Twain came to this world along with the Halley’s Comet that passes Earth only once in 76 years. The writer knew he would die the same day the comet appeared in the sky again. Back in 1909 he said: “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it.” And that is exactly what happened the next year!
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Proof of reincarnation?
There’s something really eerie about two people looking absolutely alike. Enzo Ferrari, the owner and founder of the Ferrari Company, died on August 14, 1988. Just a few months later Mesut Özil, the future Arsenal footballer, came into this world. Now take a look at their pictures and try to find some differences. These men look so creepily alike!
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He avoided not a one plane crash, but two!
Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge is a really lucky man and definitely has some higher powers watching over him. Either this or he has a really strong intuition that has saved him not once, but twice! Do you remember the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? He was supposed to be on board that plane, but decided to change it for an earlier flight. He was also supposed to be on board the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 that was shot down over Ukraine back in 2014, but decided to go for a cheaper flight. What a lucky man!
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Miss Unsinkable
It’s hard to tell whether this woman was truly blessed or cursed. She’s survived through too many shipwrecks! She was on board the HMHS Britannic when it hit a sea mine and sank in a blink of an eye. She was also on board HMS Olympic when it collided with HMS Hawke. And to top it all – she was traveling on the RMS Titanic when it hit an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic. No wonder this nurse got a nickname ‘Miss Unsinkable’!
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The Simpsons Predicted Trump for President
How could they know this would happen back in 2000? Of course, the Simpsons have been known to predict all kinds of things with a different level of accuracy, but this seems a bit too much even for them. No one saw it coming, but somehow they did! A creepy coincidence indeed.
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The sinking of the Titanic was predicted
Writers have been known for making all kinds of educated guesses and wild predictions, but Morgan Robertson seems to have outdone them all. In his novella written in 1898 he described the sinking of a ship named the Titan which was also thought to be unsinkable. Just like Titanic, the ship in the book collided with an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic. He wrote this book 14 years before the actual tragedy happened!
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