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Turn Your Gadget into a Convenient Extra Monitor for Your Mac or PC


iDisplay1Two heads are better than one. Likewise, two displays connected to your computer are expanding your workspace and boost your productivity. These days you can set up a second monitor with no fuss. However, the snag is that you’ve got to buy it as well as you need some extra space on the table where you can put it. The waste of energy is also an issue. An additional screen means getting an additional zero in your electricity bills. It looks like the idea of having a secondary screen has more than one Achilles’ heel, doesn’t it?

Don’t fret. Some brainiacs have resolved the problem and found a way to minimize the inconveniences of using an extra display in quite a brilliant way. Just take a look at your smartphone or a tablet. Don’t they have a screen? A cutting-edge utility named iDisplay can turn your iOS/Android gadget into an additional fully-fledged computer monitor. And it is as easy as ABC.

How does it work? iDisplay actually ‘fools’ your PC or laptop into thinking that a secondary monitor is attached to it. Consequently, you get much more screen space for everything that clutters the main monitor, be it your Facebook timeline or a Twitter feed. Also, you can observe everything on the primary display duplicated on multiple tablet or smartphone screens, which makes iDisplay a perfect tool for creating and instantly sharing documents and images with your audience. Even though the information is transmitted over Wi-Fi, the latency is minimized, so you can use your secondary display as a portable high-speed graphics device. Equipped with all these features, iDisplay seems a must-use app for productivity junkies and creative masterminds. Try it here

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