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Top 7 Samsung Gadgets That Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier!


People LOVE their gadgets, and that’s a fact. I don’t know why, but phones, tablets, smart wearable tech, and all sorts of household electronics, make me all happy and tingly inside, like it’s Christmas Eve and all the presents are mine! These incredibly useful Samsung gadgets, I’m about to show you, are the best at what they do, be it cleaning, playing music, or keeping you in shape. Unlike decorative vanity items, these gizmos will actually make your life a lot easier!



1. Samsung HW-MS6500 Sound+ Curved Premium Soundbar
If you like watching, for example, horror movies, where every noise, every scratch, every jump scare is engineered to make you soil your pants, try this badass curved soundbar from Samsung for only $479.99. Don’t look at it as a trice tag, but more like a long-term investment.



2. Samsung POWERbot R7070 Robot Vacuum
You know, I wouldn’t normally say this, but this vacuum SUCKS! I tried it once at my friend’s house, and can definitely tell you – this little devil has a black hole inside of it. I don’t know how else you could explain that suction force. Get it while it’s hot for a mere $549, and your apartment will always be as clean as a whistle.

3. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro (Large)
When I look at smart watches and fitness trackers, I like to imagine that one day I’ll also be using them to track how many calories I’ve burnt, instead of just having a cool smart watch. I also hope you’re not like me, and that you’ll treat your body like a lady. Gear Fit2 Pro looks slick, and works like a charm! You can even go for a swim with it, and it’ll be like “pshh, water? More like water-ver!”. If I didn’t have 2 trackers already, I’d definitely give Gear Fit2 a go, and especially for that $199.99



4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0″ 32GB (Wi-Fi)
I won’t be beating around the bush, you all know how amazing Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs are, and this is just an updated version. For just $349.99 you know exactly what you’re getting!

5. Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition — Stormtrooper
Who doesn’t like Star Wars?! Well, after the Last Jedi, apparently, most of the fans, but that’s okay, let people have their opinions. Meanwhile, what do you say about hiring a Stormtrooper to be your maid? With this limited edition POWERbot you can do that! For $499, you’ll have the sharpest of Imperial shooters pick up your bread crumbs from the floor. Ain’t that fun?



6. Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6″, 2-in-1 PC
As an aspiring digital artist, I’ve always wanted to test out a tablet PC, and see what all the fuss is about. Sadly, I’m still waiting for my chance, but Galaxy Book is actually on my top 5 list of tablet PCs I’d buy, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t check it out, especially if you got some extra $729 lying around.

7. Samsung U Flex
This final gadget goes out to all the people who are tired of cables, meet your new best friend – Samsung U Flex! Wireless, super comfy, with a bunch of buttons, so you won’t have to pull out the phone from your pocket. For only $62.99 you can turn your daily commutes into a less horrible and soul-sucking activity!



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