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Scientists Reveal: 9 Disgusting Habits That Are Actually Good For You


Think biting your nails is the most terrible thing ever? Contrary to popular belief, not all of our so-called bad habits are actually bad. You’ll be surprised to find out that some of them actually do you more good than harm. Scientists are a weird bunch of people, but they do some incredible discoveries from time to time. Like, did you know that staying a few extra minutes in bed is really beneficial for your health? No kidding. Telling lies can also be a good thing! Here are 9 ‘bad’ habits that are virtues in disguise.



As gross as this habit may seem to you or the people around you, it’s actually not the worst thing in the world. Au contraire, the bacteria that gets into your system might even do you some good! Not that it’s healthy, but studies show that kids who suck their thumbs or bite their nails have stronger immune system and are less likely to develop allergies.



Well, we can’t say that fighting will do your body any good, but the build of our bodies suggests that it’s something that comes pretty natural to human beings. Of course, getting punched in the face is no fun at all, but if it’s of any consolation, our faces have developed over the course of evolution to take a hit (especially if you’re a guy). So you can fight, or you can avoid fighting, it’s good either way.

Occasional lying
We may consider lying as something ‘bad’ and grown-ups teach kids they should always tell the truth, but they never actually follow this rule themselves. A little bit of lying won’t do you any harm, in fact, you probably wouldn’t have any friends if you only told what you thought was true. According to statistics, people lie to strangers three times a minute! There’s also a kind of a social contract between people: they expect you to be nice, not honest when they ask you about the hideous new haircut or something like that.

Cheating on your diet
You can try to live your life on avocados and lemon water alone, but after a while everyone gets that craving for a fat juicy slice of pizza with melted cheese dripping all over…Well, we have great news – you don’t need to feel guilty about those cravings anymore! In fact, you should act on them, because all nutrition experts agree that the 90/10 rule is a real thing (90% ‘good’ food and 10% ‘bad’). Not only does it help your metabolism, but also makes it psychologically easier to stick to your diet.



Oh yes, how many times we’ve seen parents shushing their kids who are overactive and can’t stay at one place for a long time. For some people tapping fingers, jiggling their legs and overall fidgeting comes natural. It’s just the way they are wired! Experts believe that sitting down is actually bad for you and our sedentary lifestyles cut off our life expectancy for more than a few years. Fidgety kids are also likely to boost their brainpower!

Skipping that morning shower
It may sound gross at first, but washing less is not the same as not washing at all. Showering feels great and you get to smell like vanilla and flowers, but if you do that every day, you’ll wash away some pretty essential oils from your skin and hair. Even hot water itself, used without any soap, will wash lots of good stuff your skin needs to stay radiant and elastic. And don’t forget about some useful bacteria, too!

This is a hard one. Excessive drinking is bad no matter how you look at it, but drinking a bit of booze from time to time actually has some benefits. A couple of drinks once in a while can improve cardiovascular health and even help prevent such diseases as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.



Many people believe that games are bad for kids and they ‘corrupt young minds’. Yet studies show that playing video games actually has its perks. If you play video games on a regular basis, you’ll improve lots of skills like hand-eye coordination, spatial visualization as well as three-dimensional imaging. Attention, cognition, reaction and perception – everything gets better!

We’ve all been scolded as kids for using ‘bad words’, but studies show that swearing can actually be good for you, especially if you’re in pain. During an experiment that involved swearing and holding hands in ice-cold water, those participants that were allowed to swear could endure low temperatures much longer than those who used only neutral words. Swearing also helps reduce stress and lower anxiety.