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Futuristic Advancements in Medicine That Will Change Everything


Did you ever watch House, M.D. and think “something’s missing here?” Of course you did! The biggest thing pretty much everyone misses when watching a medical/hospital show is fancy sci-fi graphics and CGI tricks.


It might seem far off now, but one day we’ll have all the medical advancements you can ever want to make your sci-fi nerd-fest a reality. Some of them are actually already on the way! Not saying they’ll be usable anytime soon, but we’ll get there. Let’s take a look at the coolest ones.



3D Printed Drugs
I mean, why evolve if you can’t make drugs better, right? Also, I’m not talking about “this feels great” drugs but actual medicinal drugs. Think aspirin, not LSD.

Faster Medicine Research
Speeding up clinical trials is one of the biggest things that we could do with technological advancements. We could “grow” (more like emulate, really) human cells on microchips and use them to endlessly test new medicine and skip animal testing altogether!

Holographic Anatomy
Using a VR headset to see the entire person’s body? Hell yes. No more having to open someone up to see what’s wrong on the inside. Microsoft is working on the HoloLens that should make this possible. But it’s Microsoft, so it might randomly crash midway through scanning someone’s arm.

Printed Organs
Need a lung? We’ve got you covered. Need a kidney so you can sell your real one for a quick $10,000? We’ve got you covered to. It’s not what it was built for, but the technology supports it.

3D Medical Prosthetic Printing
Like Luke Skywalker, this would allow people to print actual personalized hands. Become a Jedi master today! Force training optional.

Healthcare Robots
If you know what that picture is, you know you want this.