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Facts About How Men’s Bodies Work That You Probably Didn’t Know


While society has advanced to the point where we consider men and women to be equals, science is still living in the past where we pay more attention to the differences between genders rather than what they have in common.


In all their amazing work and research, they’ve even come up with quite a number of points in which men and women can be vastly different. Let’s take a look at some interesting ones.



Men Can Deal With Physical Activity Better
Men’s bodies have more blood and more hemoglobin and red blood cells. This gives us a natural edge in oxygen circulation, which is one of the most important factors when doing sports and the like.



Men Only Listen With Half Of Their Brain
Which is exactly why a man can be listening to you and thinking of something else at the same time. Keep your sentences short, like our attention span.

Men Have More Eye For Detail… In The Dark
Women generally have better vision in the dark, but men can see details in darkness in a low light situations a lot better.

Men Have Weaker Immune Systems
Our bodies produces less antibodies due to our higher amounts of testosterone. This makes us more susceptible to disease.



Men Lose Weight More Easily
The testosterone levels in men’s bodies are about 7 times higher than those in women, which increases our metabolism.

Men Are Genetically Simpler
Our Y chromosome carries only about 100 genes, where the X chromosome carries 1500. That’s quite a difference.

Men Can See Moving Objects Better
Because why pay attention to something that isn’t doing anything, right?



Men Have Less Developed Senses
“Do you smell that?” No woman, I do not.

Men Sleep Better Than Women
Science claims this is because men used to be hunters who needed the rest, while women were the home keepers that took care of everyone.