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9 Shocking Scientific Theories That Will Blow Your Mind


Hello there, fellow nerds! Heard any new world-breaking scientific theories lately? Me neither… How about we have some fun and recap a few of the older, more established theories then? Don’t worry, there will be plenty of heads going boom. Some of the following theories are pretty simple, others are complex and require a LOT of imagination and straight out knowledge to be accepted. If any of them turn out to be true, how would you handle that information?


Here are 9 shocking scientific theories that will blow your mind!



1. White Holes
Have you heard of black holes? Of course you have. So you shouldn’t be surprised that there are also white holes (in theory). Just like the black hole suck everything in, the white holes don’t let anything in. Like a perfect sci-fi energy shield.



2. Matrix Universe
If you’ve seen the Matrix, no more explanation is needed. If you haven’t – go watch it. You can thank me later. In short, we’re living in a virtual reality while our bodies are being used as batteries so some super-AI in the real world.

3. Panspermia Theory
Where did life come from? That’s one of the greatest mysteries we may never find out. But, of course, there are multiple theories. Some believe in an omnipotent creator, others think it was just a fluke, and then there are people who believe that all live on Earth came from the “stars”. Well, actually, that ALL life everywhere came from the universe, but that’s not important. If I had to choose between the 3, I’d go with panspermia as well

4. Vegetable Lamb
I’m not sure if this one can be considered a “theory”, but it’s pretty bonkers, so, whatever! Imagine you’re in medieval Europe, and you come across a plant that looks like this (see the image, dummy). What are your further actions?
A) Run.
B) Shriek like a banshee and run.
C) Call it a vegetable lamb, make a sketch of it, and leave it be.
Yes, of course it’s option C. You’ll look like a fool, but hey, you know what you saw!



5. Cosmic Twins
Assuming our universe is infinite, it’s only logical to presume that somewhere out there is/was/will be a creature with a set of genes identical to yours or mine. It’s called the theory of Cosmic Twins.

6. String Theory
You may’ve heard this one before: our universe is made of tiny, one-dimensional strings! Or maybe not, it IS a theory after all.

7. Mandela Effect
If we assume parallel universes exist, the Mandela Effect can be easily explained. Otherwise it’s just too weird. Basically, this theory tries to explain how so many people could be remembering past events incorrectly. It’s like mass hysteria, only there’s no hysteria. And it’s called the Mandela Effect, since millions of people believed Nelson Mandela was long gone, when they heard he officially died in 2013. It’s pretty weird, so watch the video.



8. Dark Matter
This is one of those strange hypotheses where the absence of something only proves its existence. The dark matter has never been seen, and we have zero proof that it’s real, yet some brainy nerds think that as much as 70% of the universe is made of the dark matter.

9. Cold Sun
I kept this one for dessert. There was this German-British astronomer dude named William Herschel, who hypothesized that our Sun was actually cold, and the star itself was populated by aliens that have fully adapted to the eternal shine. Yup. This used to be a theory as well, and I hope you appreciate modern scientists just a tiny bit more now.