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7 Brilliant Innovators Who Changed the World


The modern world and all of our technology would probably look entirely different if it wasn’t for some of the most genius innovators, like Galileo, Marie Curie or even Steve Jobs. These 7 smart boys and girls, as well as their groundbreaking inventions, have radically changed how we interact with every little thing around us, from atoms and molecules all the way to stars and galaxies.


Here are 7 most brilliant innovators who changed the world!



Galileo Galilei
Just imagine if we still lived in a Geocentric society. That would suck! Thanks to Galileo, people finally woke up, and saw that the Sun does not revolve around Earth. To be fair, Copernicus said it first, but couldn’t back it up with evidence. Galileo made his own telescope and showed everyone how moons were orbiting Jupiter, and not our planet.



The Wright Brothers
Can you believe that the Wright brothers had their first successful airplane flight just over 100 years ago in 1903? In just a century our engineers and scientists have perfected this mode of transportation. Even weirder than that, just 40-ish years later, during WWII, there were hundreds of different airplane models. Just let that sink in.

Marie Curie
Marie Curie, also known as the “Radioactive Lady”, is best known for her fascination with chemistry, physics, and radioactivity. Aside from discovering Polonium and Radium, which probably shortened her life significantly, she showed the world that being a woman doesn’t mean you’re weak, dumb, or helpless. Marie has always been and will forever remain an inspiration for scientists around the globe.

Steve Jobs
Regardless if you’re a fan of the Apple company or their products, it’s crystal clear that Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, has had a huge impact on our world. You’d think that inventing/designing something as simple as a rectangular phone with just the screen is easy, and anyone can do it, but you’re wrong. The genius of the iGadgets lies in their functional simplicity, and Jobs singlehandedly set the whole world on that path.

Thomas Edison
Let’s go back to imagining things for a second. Imagine a world without cameras, photographs, and light bulbs or any kind. That would definitely be the Darkest Timeline. Like, it would literally be dark as hell. Thanks to Thomas Edison we don’t have to imagine this nightmare.

Nikola Tesla
Everyone knows his name – Nikola Tesla. The man, the myth, the legend! Without this brilliant Serbian-American genius, we’d have no wireless communication. If Edison wasn’t such a huge C-word and actually decided to cooperate and help Tesla, we’d be living on Mars in the 70’s. But, alas! He almost gave the world a way to send power wirelessly using the Wardenclyffe Tower, but because of the lack of funding, the entire thing got completely demolished.

Leonardo da Vinci
Naturally, at number one spot we have the most prominent genius who’s ever walked the Earth – Leo da Vinci. This Italian dude dipped his toe and them mastered skills like painting, sculpting, engineering and many others. And while he was amazing at everything he did, da Vinci is most famous today for his uncanny inventions. A helicopter, a parachute, even a friggin’ tank – those are just some of the things his genius mind came up with. I know it’s not “sliced bread” but you should be thankful either way!