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6 Simple Useful Gadgets for Your Everyday Life


We all love our tech right? Each new gadget that comes out spreads like wildfire. But are these gadgets really helping our daily life? Do we really need them? Yes of course we do! Check out this super hot list of 6 simple useful gadgets for your everyday life.

1. Smart Notebook

This super cool notebook is not only unique but it’s one of the very best notebooks out there right now. Cost effective as it is reusable and is used with Pilot FriXion Pens. Heat the notebook in a microwave after use and the pen ink becomes erasable. Take your notes then scan the page using the Rocketbook app, then save it to the cloud. Spiral bound with ultra smooth paper. Save your notes to Dropbox, Google Drive , iCloud, Evernote, etc.

2. Video Recorder with G-Sensor

Dash cams, they are all the same right? Wrong! The dashcam has super HD video via 6 sharp lenses. Licence plate capture is done with ease and the video is clear and crisp in all weather conditions. Its WDR and Nighthawk systems adjust exposure in low light or night. It mounts onto your dashboard and features loop recording, instant playback, motion detections and a parking monitor built in!

3. Wireless and Portable Instant Photo Printer

Polaroid are the king of instant printing surely? Easily carried in your pocket or bag it also fits easily in the palm of your hand. Just take your photo, connect to this device via bluetooth and print the photo in seconds. It’s easy to use and refillable with paper and ink, and the Kodak app allows your to stickerise your photos!

4. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Love to sing in the shower? This speaker is the gadget for you, many other speakers are only splash proof while this speaker is certified waterproof, it’s even submersible. Lightweight and small in its design you can carry it with you anywhere. The sound quality is super impressive for its size too!

5. Bluetooth Alarm Clock FM Radio

We all need an alarm clock that’s super cool right? This eye catching super cool alarm clock is multifunctional too. It can answer your calls, stream audio and much more. It has an inbuilt microphone, a pretty good quality speaker, a USB port, FM Radio, an aux port and supports bluetooth! It will even charge your devices! You can set the color changing modes and set wake up color schemes to match your morning mood!

 iHome Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio | 6 Simple Useful Gadgets for Your Everyday Life

6. Vacuum Air Sealing System For Food Preservation

This must-have kitchen gadget that makes preserving your food easy and hygenic. It offers a time effective solution for vacuum sealing all of your food. All of the air is sucked out of the bag virtually eradicating all bacteria and fungal growth so that the food looks and tastes like it should. Food freshness and flavour is preserved for much longer and there is much more room in your refrigerator. Packed with LED indicators and buttons for ease of use, the starter kit contains a wine stopper cork, one long reusable vacuum bag and five reusable medium sized bags.