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6 Most Expensive Laptops of 2017


When it comes to computers, I’m not the biggest pro out there. Sure, I can tell a graphics card from a keyboard, and I’ve successfully updated and assembled at least 5 PC’s, but there’s still a lot I don’t know about the ins and outs of this business. Like for example, why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a laptop just because it’s covered in gold and has a fruit on the back? I mean, you gotta be either mental, or extremely rich, right?


Either way, PC’s are generally not a luxury anymore, and you can get them for pretty cheap, if you don’t expect any legendary feats from them. Of course, where there’s cheap and crappy, there’s bound to be stupidly expensive. So here are 6 most expensive laptops that you’ll probably never buy. Let’s see what makes them so special!



You know how all of Apple’s MacBook PRO’s are white? Well, not if you pay $6000 they’re not! For the measly six grand you can have a regular old white MacBook PRO all painted black. Neat, huh? Same 15 inches, basically the same slick yet boring design, same hardware – but it’s Black now. And also it’s a limited edition item, so that’s probably also a good chunk of those 6k.

5. VOODOOENVY 171 ($6500)
Voodoo Envy is one of those “special snowflake” laptops, that look interesting, but there’s not a lot going on under the hood. This is basically a work station and was created specifically for engineers and designers. The internet says this beast runs on Core 2 Extreme CPU with dual Nvidia GeForce Go 7950, and has… 4GB RAM? What? I mean, sure, I was impressed by the dual GPU, and the CPU, but 4GB RAM? Unless it’s one of those light-speed RAMs, I’m extremely disappointed. Still better than BlackBook Pro.

4. EGO FOR BENTLEY ($20000)
Alright, we’re officially in the “big boys” territory now, or “big girls”? I don’t know, let’s move on. Ego for Bentley has a custom-made casing made by Bentley, of course, with authentic diamond stitched leather for extra swag. Aside from being made of gold, and diamonds, it’s also extremely rare, as only 250 devices had been made. Hence the $20,000 price tag. Also, it looks hideous.

Did you really think Apple’s best effort was BlackBook PRO? Naah, here’s another ordinary MacBook PRO but with an even more expensive twist – it’s covered in 24 karat gold and decorated with diamonds! The “limited edition” tag is a given, but you’re a damn fool if you waste $30,000 on this piece of Apple.

2. TULIP E-GO DIAMOND ($350,000)
From the “big boys” straight to the “giant men” we go! Tulip E-Go Diamond, as the name implies, is made of pure white gold plates, sprinkled with diamonds, and with a huge crimson ruby for a logo. And it looks a lot like EGO for Bentley… Huh. As a laptop it’s your standard high-end machine though, so really not worth it. At $350,000, this flashy toy is the second most expensive laptop in the world.

1. LUVAGLIO ($1,000,000)
Unprecedented winner, a “god tier” laptop – Luvaglia, is the most luxurious laptop ever made! And I wish I could tell you that it’s filled with NASA grade hardware, but nope, this piece of crap just happens to have more diamonds, white gold, and blah blah blah. Even its power button is a freaking diamond! Overcompensating much? And imagine if something breaks inside and you’d have to show it to the tech support. Oof, that’d be one awkward conversation.