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5 New Life-Changing Apps of 2017 You’ll Want To Install Right Now


With the recent CES event, the Internet blew up with all the cool devices, gadgets, and a bunch of different software solutions. So during all that you might have missed some sweet apps for your phone. Fear not, here are the most interesting apps that you’ll want to install right away.



It’s not just a regular alarm clock, oh no… This app will keep nagging you until you finish a mini-game, which may or may not be easy at 5 AM, when you’re trying to keep one of your eyes open, because the light from the phone is just ridiculously bright. Sorry, I have some issues with waking up early.
Google Play / iTunes

Have you been feeling artsy lately? I know I have! Brushstroke is a cool little app that lets you basically Photoshop your photos, making them look like paintings. There’s also a little twist: the app allows you to order prints of those photos directly and even delivers them to your doorstep! Neat, huh?
Google Play / iTunes

This app is quite a looker, but I’m too untalented to fully enjoy it. Dottted is a game based on art by Yoni Alter. In this game you’re trying to figure out the animal in the photo by tapping on the screen. It deserves to be installed even if just for the art style alone.
Google play / iTunes

Have you ever thought how amazing it would be if your audiobook synced with the text, so you could listen OR read whenever and wherever you want to? Yeah, that’s something straight out of sci-fi novels… Or at least it WAS! You can totally do that with Duobook now. Go try it out!

If you’re addicted to some of your apps or your phone in general, Forest will (hopefully) help you to overcome this pesky addiction. When you need to do stuff instead of browsing Imgur for hours, just select for how long you need to stay focused, and hit Start. The app then “plants“ a virtual tree that starts growing when you’re not using your phone. If you press the unlock button to check what time it is, not to mention opening apps – the tree dies! An here’s the kicker, as you build up your own personal (still virtual) forest, you can spend the points you’ve earned to plant REAL trees!
5/5 would plant a buttload of trees again!
Google Play / iTunes