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10 Futuristic Gadgets No One Saw Coming


We’ve all been watching sci-fi movies since we were kids, trying to imagine what the future would look like. In movies and science fiction books people use the most unexpected gadgets to achieve various goals from traveling to other galaxies to robots that do the chores around your house. The possibilities are endless and so is human imagination that has no boundaries. Scientists, technicians and engineers also get inspired by futuristic ideas, yet unlike us, mere mortals, they have the skills to actually create what they imagine and dream about. Lately more and more new gadgets are emerging non-stop as we are getting closer to the future that was envisioned by our predecessors 100 years ago. Soon enough artificial intelligence will control our flights, smart robots will help us build spaceships and teleport will be the most mundane and usual thing ever. Here are 10 unbelievable gadgets that prove we are already in the future.



Sensorwake Alarm Clock
If you think that alarm clocks were invented to torture people, then wait till you try this new invention. Sensorwake Alarm Clock doesn’t use any of those irritating, sharp noises that drive everyone crazy, or even music that can be more pleasant, but will still wake you up abruptly. This new alarm clock will wake you up with an incredible aroma of a freshly brewed coffee, bacon, or tasty croissants. It’s the best thing in the world!



Robot Chef Arms
Now this is heavy sci-fi stuff that is like a dream come true for millions of people all over the world. Moley Robotics developed Robot Chef Arms that can prepare over 2,000 meals from various cuisines. These robotic arms are connected to your phone, where you can choose the meal you want from an extensive menu. Will the meal be tasty, though? We’ll have to try and see for ourselves.

Foldable Phones
Can you imagine full-screen smartphones with all the imaginable functions that can actually fold up? And we aren’t talking about flip-phones here. Bending screens have already been created and Samsung has even patented this new foldable-phone tech. We may witness production of new smartphone models as early as the middle of 2017.



ModiFace Mirror
Girls will be ecstatic about this new piece of tech once it hits the market. Don’t know what look to choose or what makeup to wear? Just look into the magic mirror and it will show what you will look like wearing different hairstyles, eye makeup and even skin tone. Try various combinations without actually putting on makeup to decide what look you need for the evening. It’s a dream come true!

LG Signature Fridge
We don’t know whether this tech was created for lazy people or just for showing off, but it is definitely one cool item to have in your house. LG has created something unbelievable for those people who like to come to the fridge from time to time looking for a snack, but never deciding on what they want. Now they can just tap the panel lightly and it will become transparent, showing the contents of the fridge without actually opening the door.



Skype’s Universal Translator
Soon nothing will stop humanity from merging into one big family, not even language differences! We know Google Translate is a handy app when it comes to communicating with other people, but Skype has gone even further with the Universal Translator that uses artificial intelligence to translate more than 50 languages on the go. And the more it hears a person speak a particular language or dialect, the better it gets at translating it! We’ve come as close to Star Trek as possible – soon everyone will be able to understand each other, whether it’s Earth languages or other!



DNA Data Storage
The University of Washington along with Microsoft has been experimenting with data storage for quite some time now. They believe that the whole Internet can be stored in a tiny box and have even written 200 MB of information into a DNA sequence. Soon we’ll be able to write and retrieve information from DNA molecules! Just imagine what the future will be like.

3D-Printed Casts
Special tech will measure, scan and x-ray your hand to get all specifications and create the most fitting and comfortable cast ever. Now we can forget about bulky (and ugly) casts because modern technologies allow us to have crème de la crème of what bioengineering has to offer. These casts not only look cool, they also support vulnerable areas in the most non-intrusive way.

Smart Contact Lenses
Nano tech is getting more and more elaborate with each passing year. Soon contact lenses will be able to take photos, display information right in front of your eyes, monitor your health and improve your sight. You will also be able to zoom in the objects that are located in the distance! It’s only a matter of time when people will have the super-spy vision. We’re entering a whole new era where personal space will not be all that personal anymore.

Hover Bikes
We’ve been expecting these cool rides to be perfected for more than 20 years now. It’s about time these cool-looking vehicles were brought to life. Aerofex has created a cross-breed between a helicopter and a speeder-bike from Star Wars. This new Aero-X can go about 10 feet above the ground at a respectable 45mph. It’s the coolest thing ever! Don’t forget your helmet!!!