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10 Brilliant Inventions That Will Change Your Life


As technology evolves, so does human laziness. We keep inventing things to make life easier – but not the hard parts. It’s the mundane tasks we prefer to simplify, creating objects that all but do them for us. Such a huge relief we still have to deal with things like HIV, but we’ve finally invented Bluetooth and fixed that godawful problem of speakers not working wirelessly.
But if you thought Bluetooth was the pinnacle of human invention, you’re wrong. We’ve invented a few other things to make life easier. I mean, we still haven’t cured the most deadly diseases, but take a look at some inventions we’ve made over the years that can solve everyday problems for everyone!



An Alarm Clock Mat
You guessed it: you have to step on this to turn your alarm off. Not recommended for people that hate waking up early.



A Contact Lens That Is Capable Of Video-Recording
We’ve needed this since Tupac got killed, honestly.

A Cucumber Spiral Slicer
For those rare moments when you want to slice a cucumber up in a spiral fashion but can’t be arced to actually slice a cucumber up in a spiral fashion.



A Bedside Table With Food Tray
Breakfast in bed just got a new dimension, hurrah!

An Exercise Chair
Also called a yoga ball with back support.



A Comfortable Paint Roller
Or y’know, hire an Eastern European guy to do it for five bucks.

USB Chargeable Batteries
Use the batteries to power a battery-powered USB charger, and use that charger to recharge the batteries. Unlimited poweeeerrrrrrrr!

A Heatable Knife To Cut Through Cold Butter
Again: curing Cancer or AIDS wasn’t that big a deal for science, but cutting through cold butter apparently was.



A Suitcase Scooter
I think we should call it a “Scootcase”. I’m trademarking that.

A Solar-Powered Plug Socket
Just in case you need electricity but you still want to respect Mother Earth and the gift she gives us all.