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10 Amazing Designer Shower Heads


Do you like those morning showers? They do keep you fresh and energized throughout the day. Taking a nice hot (or cold) shower will kill most of those pesky germs and bacteria that thrive on your skin. Showering will also relieve the stress and allows you to stay clean. Even the doctors recommended taking regular showers, for goodness’ sake!
Of course, for the shower to be pleasurable, one of the key “ingredients” you need is a suitable shower head. Many modern shower heads have adjustable intensity, massage function, and other cool features. There are countless companies that will sell you these innovative shower heads with all sorts of features and functionalities, all you need to do is choose the one that suits your needs best. Some of the following designer shower heads are just prototypes or even concepts at this points, but they will still surprise you with their ingenuity.

Medical Shower Head

This is basically making herbal tea in your shower. You put a bag with herbs into the shower head and massage the itchy spot until you get better! What a time to be alive.
amazing_designer_shower_heads_02 amazing_designer_shower_heads_01

Overhead Shower Head Shelves

The design of this shower head is simply astonishing. You’d stay in the shower for hours! Yeah, that sounds good.
amazing_designer_shower_heads_03 amazing_designer_shower_heads_04

Sculpture Shower Head by Vado

This shower head has six snake-like protrusions, and it tells you that this will not be your run-off-the-mill shower. It’s not for the poor, but it pours oh so wildly!
amazing_designer_shower_heads_05 amazing_designer_shower_heads_06

Nebia Shower Head

Nebia is basically a sprinkler on steroids, but if you try it once, you’ll never go back to a generic shower head. And it saves water!
amazing_designer_shower_heads_07 amazing_designer_shower_heads_08

Blue Whales Flexible Rubber Shower Head

This one I’ve picked because of its badass design. You know how there are computer mice for gamers with all the edgy design elements? Well, this one’s like the opposite of that. Blue Whales shower head look amazing and that’s all that matters.
amazing_designer_shower_heads_09 amazing_designer_shower_heads_10

ReGenTherapy Therapeutic Shower Head

Ripped straight out of a Sci-Fi flick, it feels like ReGenTherapy shower head is a weapon of some sort, but in reality it provides therapy for a neck pain and massaging hard-to-reach places *wink wink*.
amazing_designer_shower_heads_11 amazing_designer_shower_heads_12

Bluetooth Shower Head by Kohler with Removable Speaker

Here’s Kohler’s new gadget that pushes the envelop on real moxie. Moxie is a shower head with an integrated, portable Bluetooth speaker, that will keep you company during long and short shower sessions. Of course, you can always detach the speaker and take it with you to the kitchen, for example, or to the closet. Again, what a time to be alive!
amazing_designer_shower_heads_19 amazing_designer_shower_heads_20

Dynamo Rainbow Shower Head

Take a neat-looking stainless shower head, slap a few LEDs within its perimeter and you’ll have this Dynamo Rainbow Shower, that has a turbine inside to produce electrical energy from the water cascading through it. Simply brilliant.
amazing_designer_shower_heads_15 amazing_designer_shower_heads_16

Viceversa Shower Head

This shower head perfectly emulates taking a shower under a pouring rain, which is both romantic and unnatural for us 20th century monkeys.
amazing_designer_shower_heads_14 amazing_designer_shower_heads_13

Contemporary Shower Column Ametis

Aesthetically pleasing design, made of hollowed brass, has integrated LED lighting system will let you fully relax and enjoy the magnificent color therapy. Or you can just brag about it to your friends!
amazing_designer_shower_heads_17 amazing_designer_shower_heads_18