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Some Things Blend In Too Well With Their Surroundings (21 pics)


The art of camouflage is not the easiest skill to perfect, but sometimes all you need are a few unrelated coincidences, and BOOM, you’re wearing unintentional camouflage!



1. You know it’s a bad day when your dress matches the, well, anything around you.



2. Total and complete invisibility? Yes, please!



3. This is not how you get rid of your nasty nail-biting habit.

4. Spotty, with a chance of full transparency.



5. Where does the cereal bowl end and his shirt begin?



6. Not gonna lie, I have been sitting here for 5 minutes, trying to figure out what the hell this is, and so far my best guess is… pizza?



7. That’s what you get for wearing gray tights.

8. … or these socks.



9. … or these marble (is that marble?) sneakers! Boy do they look ugly.



10. The key here is to keep your eyes open and see what’s odd about the picture.

11. Staring at this picture gives me a headache.



12. I think I saw something lying on the floor there…



13. An easy trick to mask your shoes in a subway.



14. BTW, this is the best coffee sleeve ever. Just saying.

15. Ever Rorschach himself would have issues here.



16. I see a pug, 2 legs, and some lady’s head on a bed. That’s all.



17. The pictures are getting quite disturbing.



18. Okay, is that just a pair of army boots or is there also a dude somewhere here?

19. Is… is that a cat sleeping on a bed?



20. This is one damn creepy-looking tree!



21. When you ask your son to unpack the groceries and he does this.