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Accidental Google Searches That Turned Out Better Than Expected


When you’re in a hurry, you don’t care much about correcting your grammar or double-checking typos, so every “act” can easily turn into a “cat”, and every “Lennon” – into a “lemon”.While researching this, I’ve tried so hard to pull any examples from my own memory, only to fail miserably. Thank Odin we have Google to google “Google search fails”. Gotta love those verbified words, am I right?


Anyway, people sometimes get things wrong, while looking for things on the internet, and I’m about to show you how one small, seemingly unimportant, spelling error can go from 0 to 100 in under a second. Here are some of the funniest accidental Google searches, that turned out better than expected.



1. A CPU cake is something I need in my life.



2. Game of Throne cast as cats? Yo, HBO, here’s your next big idea!

3. I’d definitely include a “civil rights cat” into whatever Jake’s working on.



4. Corgi dogs in corgi shorts – this could be heaven!

5. Tanks, Google, you’re a life saver.



6. This is one of those life-changing events.

7. It’s still October, so go outside and celebrate Octobearfest!



8. Mama goose looks so proud. I’d be hella proud too if I gave birth to a tiny Gosling.

9. There’s the Lennon-lemon! A classic typo has a new look.



10. Oh, you don’t find corgis funny? That’s your problem. I will take every corgi pun I can get my hands on!

11. At least he didn’t google “Baraka Obama”.



12. Where is your God now, mortals?