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17 Candidates For the_Wife Of The Century Award


Relationships are all about trial and error. If you find yourself in a relationship with a woman that does things like this, it’s time to put a ring on it! Here are 15 candidates for the “Wife of the Century” award.



1. The One that Has a Perfect Way to Decide Who’s Making Dinner
All is fair in love and war, and this includes the battles about who’s cooking dinner.



2. The Honest Girlfriend
No relationship is perfect, so sometimes it’s important to value the honesty of your significant other and solidify a relationship that is good.



3. The Talented Florist
Imagine getting THIS for breakfast on Valentine’s day. The perfect gift. The perfect bouquet. The perfect food.

4. The One that Admits Defeat
An argument with your wife can lasts forever. Trust me, a woman’s grudge has all the chances of outliving you entirely. So, when you find a woman that can admit defeat – lock it down!



5. The One With the Right Baggage
Everyone has emotional baggage. Plus, women are notorious for owning far too many things. However, if you find yourself moving in with a girlfriend whose game collection outnumbers yours – make her your Player 2 for life.

6. The One You Must Catch
You’ve spent your childhood chasing after Pokemon and your teen years chasing after girls. Now, you’ve found yourself with a woman who shares your interest in Pokemon and can give you a run for your money in ANY of the Pokemon regions. This is the one you use your Master Ball on!



7. The One Who Thinks You’re Classy
If you find a woman that thinks that this kind of gift is the gift for you (and you’re not 60), you’re likely dealing with someone who believes you will grow up to be a mature man, not a loser skat-er boi 4ever. She trusts you and she will help you. Girlfriend of the century!



8. The One With Crispy Apologies
If this is what you get as an “I’m sorry”, it’s worth being slapped!

9. The One Who Knows How to Send a Message
Today she’s telling you to say “it’s okay to have a beer with your friends”, tomorrow you’ll be pro-posing on that same sign!



10. The Closeted Organizer
Stereotypes aren’t always good, but let’s face it – you’re probably at least a little bit of a mess. Find yourself a woman who will do the heavy (organizational) lifting for you!

11. The Flow Chart Master
A woman that knows you well enough to make you a flow chart so you don’t make a huge mess in the kitchen? Definitely a catch. Is she great? Do you love her? Lock it down!



12. The One Who Will Roll With You Through Thick and Thin
Sometimes you just know that both of you are in the right place and will have each other’s back forever. You’ll grow old together, and go through life’s challenges always supporting each other.



13. The One With Crystal-clear Communication
No more prodding and asking million’s of questions to figure out what’s wrong. With a wife like this you’ll ALWAYS know what’s on her mind. It will definitely make life easier for both of you!

14. The One With Unbreakable Devotion
Imagine a woman whose love for you is as strong as a Nokia 3300. Unbreakable. Indestructible. And it also allows you to play games with it.



15. The One Who’s Good with Subtle Compliments
She always knows how to make you feel better about yourself and complement your best fea-tures. ;)