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Malaysian Artist Silverfox Can Only Draw Cute Animals


Imagine being talented, and then making the painful discovery that your talents are limited to a very specific niche. Malaysian artist Silverfox knows all about this, as you can see on his Instagram page (and in this article, so keep on reading).

As talented as Silverfox is in his art, he can only draw cute animals. Imagine his horror when he made this discovery.

Just look at these ugly creatures. How would anyone want to have a picture like this? In case the sarcasm wasn’t abundantly obvious at this point: these pictures are cute and I’d let anyone gift me a few for Christmas. And considering which time of the year it is, you can totally see that as a hint.

It’s also been scientifically proven that looking at cute animals (although the research didn’t specify if they had to be real) makes you happier and more productive at work. So add Silverfox’ instagram page to your favorites and watch his pictures all day everyday. You’ll even get paid for it! Just don’t get caught. Not every boss appreciates the scientific method.