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8 Insanely Psychedelic Must-Follow Instagram Artists


Have you ever felt like drawing crazy stuff that is out of this world? I don’t mean just aliens and spaceships, although they too can get very psychedelic, more like the stuff these eight artists are making. There’s seemingly no rhyme or reason for their paintings, but all those unusual shapes and weird concepts really do have a story to tell.

Some see only the distorted colors and intertwined shapes in the works of these Instagram artists, while others think of them as modern-day geniuses. The best part of this spectrum of opinions is that none of them are right, but also none of them are wrong. It’s all subjective, and if a piece of art evokes any sort of emotion from us, it’s already done its job.

But enough chit-chat, let’s see some of those psychedelic artists you can find on Instagram!

1. Seamless

Would you ever believe that this author’s favorite thing is rainy days? I guess they’re okay for when he needs to finish a project. He just sits on the windowsill with a tablet and uses his limitless imagination to create something… special.

2. Larry Carlson

If you like bright colors, Larry is your guy! His work looks incredibly trippy. Some even think that he’s drawing his own hallucinations. Man, I can’t even draw a straight line.

3. Alex Grey

If humans had magical vision, this is how we’d see everything around us. Magnetic fields, unseen light spectrum, microwaves, radio waves, x-ray waves, etc. Looks like Alex has a special gift!

4. Archan Nair

Archan Nair’s infatuation with digital art had reached the new heights when he realized he could paint emotions and feelings on a virtual canvas. To infinity and a little bit further!

5. Louis Dyer

Only a crazy person would describe themselves as digital art visionary. But it’s okay, in the business of psychedelic artistry being called “crazy” is nothing new. Take a deep dive, and don’t bother to hold your breath.

6. Randal Roberts

As with all the artists on this list, Randal Roberts loves using all sorts of bright colors and shapes to relay a message. What’s the message exactly? That’s for him to know and for you to find out.

7. Aesthetic Serenity

This account is known for showcasing the most exquisite aesthetic pieces from various artists, so if you follow this one, you’re pretty much following them all!

8. Luke Brown

Luke Brown is known for creating multiple trippy music album covers. He’s also a fantastic painter, sculptor, as well as tattoo and digital artist. There’s something mystical in his artworks that you can’t just put your finger on. The man’s a genius!