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6 Freakishly Bizarre Ways to Create Art


We’re all an artist nowadays. It’s almost a conscious decision to not be an artist. In this amazing society of consumerism, you can sell pretty much everything to pretty much everyone. Which of course leads to a weird thing that’s happening in pretty much all forms of art and entertainment.


Where art used to be for the purists, the true artists, it’s now open to a lot of … weird people. People that don’t consider their art as the art, but the way they make art as art. If that makes any sense. Essentially, they’re making bad art in a unique way, which makes it good art. Because it’s different. And that’s what art is, right? It’s creating something different.


Let’s take a look at some artful weirdos.



Paintings On Bubble Gum
Used bubble gum, that is. Why? I have no idea. It sometimes takes the artist, Ben Wilson, up to three days to make his art. Not because it’s good, but because bubble gum is freakishly small and that’s not very easy to paint on.

Rubik’s Cubes to Make Portraits
I’m honestly impressed by this. Mainly because getting a Rubik’s cube wrong in a way that you can make the image you want to isn’t something any tutorial on the Internet can teach you. They’ll tell you how to solve it, sure, but not how to ruin it. Repeatedly. Just the way you want it to. Kudos to that man.

Paintings Made From Coffee Cup Stains
This is essentially being overly clumsy thousands of times on a single piece of canvas. Also, as a caffeine addict I need to mention that I find this form of art to be a horrible waste of perfectly good coffee.

An Airplane Engine As Airbrush
I’ve dabbled in the realm of painting myself once or twice, and I can tell you one thing: using an airbrush isn’t easy. So this artist, Princess Tarinan von Anhalt decided to use an airplane engine. Since it’s hard enough to control a regular sized airbrush, it’s now considered “abstract art”. I guess that’s one way to solve the “I can’t paint a proper line” problem.

Painting With Ice Cream
Why waste all that perfectly good ice cream? You’re not painting, you’re making stains in a shape. I mean, where regular paint dries up, ice cream melts. You’re reversing the problem you usually have while making art. I don’t get it. Why is this a thing?

Painting With Beer
I think I love beer too much to appreciate the art behind this. I have a hard time imagining I’m drinking a longneck and thinking to myself “I should paint something and use this lovely brew I’ve got”.