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15 Mind-Blowing Philip Henry Christopher Jackson Sculptures


Meet Philip Henry Christopher Jackson, who’s apparently quite a famous sculptor with a heck of an imagination. He’s mostly known for his uncanny skill to convey the different human conditions using body language, but he’s also known to do commissions for famous people.

Philip Henry Christopher Jackson has got a really unique style. In his own words he describes his sculptures as ”impressionistic renderings of the figure”. Ant it’s true, just take a good look at all these figures “growing” out of the ground! The sculptures start out as crude elements like wood, rock, or lava, and, as you move up, the details get finer and finer, right up to the mask and the hands, both of which are modeled from life.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little gallery! Which figures do you find the most/least disturbing? Have you seen any of these sculptures in real life? Tell us all about it in the comments!